Online Grocery Shopping In UAE

Online Grocery Shopping In UAE

E-Commerce Grocery Shopping Marketplace Platform

Soopa is an E-Commerce grocery shopping marketplace platform on Mobile, and coming soon on web. Soopa is built on an intuitively designed shopping list, that allows people to instantly compare grocery prices, find product availability and promotional deals, and have them delivered from multiple supermarkets

Online Grocery Shopping In UAE

Implementing A Proper Testing Strategy

One of the challenges to face were regression tests – they were present, some scenarios were created, but it was bare minimum. We solved this problem with our experience with exploratory tests – this way we learned how the app works, which areas are the most important ones and most vulnerable after any code changes.

Our client had little to no experience with working with a QA – instead at the beginning they were following their own philosophy, this being ‘introduce changes as quickly as possible’, hence they focused more on development than testing. 

With the proper QA on board this philosophy had to be changed – this was done (indirectly) by finding a lot of bugs they skipped and (mostly) through a lot of conversations during retros and explaining the proper ways to work. As a QA we are responsible for more than just the app, but the whole development process from the beginning to the end.

Apphawks Delivered

Mobile Testing Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

Manual Testing Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Automated Testing Automated Testing

Automated Testing

Load and Stress Testing Load and Stress Testing

Load and Stress Testing

Online Grocery Shopping In UAE

Software Testing Approach

From many software testing tools, we decided to proceed with Cypress. This based on JavaScript tool helped us solve many challenges we were facing when executing manual tests. We started by implementing e2e automated tests on front-end and later on back-end and which followed to providing integration tests as well. We did not left manual work completely of course. In terms of manual tests, which also conducted, we run exploratory tests, regression tests, stability, comparison tests and many others.

Tech Stack

Cypress Cypress


Appium Appium


TestCafe TestCafe


TestRail TestRail


Good Credentials

After 7 months of cooperation, we received 5 start review from Soopamarket's CEO. 

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