World’s Leading Search Engine For Art And Collectibles

World’s Leading Search Engine For Art And Collectibles

The Successful Long Term Partnership

Founded in 2011 Barnebys is a world’s leading search engine for art, antiques and collectibles. It allows their users to have the best experience through web and mobile app. Barnebys established business globally with offices in New York, San Francisco, UK, France, Spain and Germany.

Our client decided to build long-term ongoing collaboration with Apphawks. Thanks to that we become part of their development. Daily status, planning, backlog refinement, and other meetings, we always there. Together with Barnebys, we setting up goals and testing plans for the next months. When is needed we flight to Stockholm to spend some time on the QA process in Barnesbys office.

World’s Leading Search Engine For Art And Collectibles

Quality Challenges

Barnebys had no testing process in place. When we join we wanted to ensure quality requirements are met. It was challenging due to the big size of the development team, but we set up a testing process. Now as a QA team we can achieve product goals more confidentially.

We started to look out for product quality also through test automation. We deal with a great amount of quality challenges every day. Constant development and implementation of automation help to achieve that.

Apphawks Delivered

QA Team QA Team

QA Team

Manual Testing Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Automated Testing Automated Testing

Automated Testing

Mobile Testing Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

World’s Leading Search Engine For Art And Collectibles

Toolbox For The Project

To support Barnebys Group efficiently we are using a wide range of software testing tools:

  • Cypress - for front-end automation,
  • Postman - to check API,
  • TestRail - writing documentation and managing tests,
  • TestCafe - e2e automation. To verify if end-user behavior is correct according to requirements,
  • Email on Acid - cross email clients tests, ensuring emails are properly displayed and functional,
  • Locust - Load tests, simulating traffic on the page and verifying its stability,
  • Google tools - page speed insights, structure data testing, google analytics debugger,
  • Burb Suite - monitoring web traffic,
  • Selenium WebDriver & Behave - documentation and e2e automation.

Tech Stack

Postman Postman


Locust Locust


Email on Acid Email on Acid

Email on Acid

Selenium WebDriver Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver

Top Testing Services

Customer's sub-projects are challenging, which we also check in terms of quality assurance. We have to disperse our testing services into various applications/platforms, but this is done perfectly thanks to well-organized communications and tools supporting software development management.

After two years of cooperation, we received a 5-star review from our client. 

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