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Nearshoring QA Partner

Nearshoring implies that this outsourcing is carried out in a relatively close country - geographically, and perhaps even above all - culturally. Work with us, QA Partner, from Central Europe.
Nearshoring QA Partner Nearshoring QA Partner

For Business And Startups

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We help tech companies meet quality assurance objectives or challenges involved in the IT business.
Nearshoring QA Partner Nearshoring QA Partner

QA Process Without Bottlenecks

Best Agile Practices

If your company follows agile software development, then choose us as a QA partner. We understand agile software development principles, patterns as well as best STLC practices.
Gigi Zeelen
Apphawks supports us with testing our new developments in our new app/website, and this works out perfectly. Wojciech picks up everything really quickly, asks the right questions, gives good advice and takes care of testing sprints precisely and professionally. We are happy to have him in our team!
Gigi Zeelen
PO & Product Manager at Roamler Care
Aladdin Albatayneh
I have hired QA engineer from Apphawks, and so far I was amazed by the following: The speed to hire and accommodate talents; Strong QA experience, including the company management; Flexibility and adaption to our requirements; Ethics and environment, super.
Aladdin Albatayneh
CEO at Soopa
Because Quality Matters

Ask Us About Our QA Services

How Can Apphawks Be A Part Of The Development Process? toggle

Apphawks provides QA Specialists in a Staff Augmentation Model. As you know, it’s an ongoing close collaboration between your core staff and nearshore team according to Agile Methodology.

A QA Specialists from Apphawks is assigned to your project full-time.

The client has full management control over the development team. Our partners can resize teams adding another QA Specialist.

We offer middle/long-term relationships, continued improvements of your software & product rather than a quick consulting.

What Are your Rates? toggle

We offer Manual QA Engineers and Automated QA Engineers – the rates are different and depend of your project scope. Send us a message and we’ll give you an estimation during the call.

How many QA Engineers do you propose to start with? toggle

We can start cooperation with just one QA Engineer (Manual or Automated) and then, with time, we can add another Engineers to scale up your delivery team.

For dedicated resources, do you charge a full 40 hours per week, or only the hours they worked on the project? toggle

By default QA Engineers should work for you 40 hours per week and based on that we will set up a fixed fee rate. However, at the end of month we count hours based on hourly report (time tracking software) so you always pay for hours that were spent working on the project.

Do you do exploratory testing as a regular part of your QA process? toggle

Yes, exploratory tests should be a part of a QA Process. Exploratory testing is done by Manual QA Engineer. This is a great technique to get to know your application well.

How do you perform cross-browser testing? toggle

Apphawks makes sure that not only your products work, but they work for all your users, no matter what browser they are using. We test your software and product on all popular and stable browsers.

Do you use emulators for testing or physical devices? toggle

We conduct tests on physical devices and sometimes we also use emulators. In our testing lab we have the most popular devices on the market (iOS, Android).

How is sicktime, holiday schedule, etc. accounted for? toggle

We cover the cost of infrastructure, paid leave and the benefits of specialists you are enlisting. There are no hidden costs for you.

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Grzegorz Kłos
Grzegorz Kłos - Apphawks Co-founder
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