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As a software testing company we offer QA services. We housed QA Engineers to test your web or mobile application through Body & Team Leasing or Project-Based Outsourcing.

QA Services

Our approach helps your product benefit from software automated tests not only by increasing efficiency, but also by cutting overall costs and improving product quality. We believe automation can have a significant impact on the reliability of your software.

  • Selenium
  • Python
  • Splinter
  • Performance Testing

There are always cases where human impact cannot be replaced and manual tests are very handy to avoid significant risks and it can improve user experience. This is where our software testing house come in by supporting your web, desktop and mobile apps with the testing skills you need.

  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing
  • System acceptance testing
  • Functional testing

Testing documentation


Non-functional testing can demonstrate how exactly each system works. We can give you proper feedback so you can make the right decisions for your product. To keep everything transparent and understandable we implement business reliable languages, a good start for automation tests.

  • Gherkin
  • BDD
  • Test plans
  • Reports

Our toolbox

  • jira
  • github
  • testrail
  • bitbucket
  • confluence
  • locust

How we work?

Our process is easy to understand


Scaling team

Even if you planned or perhaps due to the unexpected situations you need to scale your technical team with QA professionals.


Adding dedicated testers

It's not similar to outsource testing. You just hire and assign Apphawks tester to your in-house delivery team and they work as your employees.


Let’s start Sprint

Apphawks testers evaluate your software's quality. We make sure features delivered by developers are free of defects.


Daily workflow routine

From the first day of our cooperation we work as part of your team and are focused on our long-term partnership.



Zero hidden costs

We cover cost of infrastructure, paid leave and the benefits of specialists you are enlisting. There are no hidden costs for you.


You do not outsource testing

Projects stay at in-house, as we are an enrichment and an extension of your team. You keep your golden mean while scaling up.


Developer is not a QA

Your developer shouldn’t be overwhelmed by work, QAing tickets is not for him. Hiring Tester helps to not waste your resources.


Much more than a freelancer

You might feel more secure in a B2B relationship. We are a legally established business and we will be your co-collaborators who support each other.


European roots

Short flights, same culture, same values... we are just around the corner.



Apphawks testers must log their hours so you know when and what employees are working on.

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