Automation Testing Of E-Commerce Website

Automation testing of an e-commerce website is an effective method of running tests to see how the program functions in different situations and ultimately bringing practical solutions to suppress those complications with the help of automation testing of e-commerce website.

At Apphawks, we specialize in automation testing of e-commerce websites with the help of our experienced team of testers and developers. 

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At the beginning of the article, we will focus on what automation testing of the e-commerce website is all about. Followed by that we will be discussing why automated testing is an essential thing to practice for creating useful eCommerce websites. After that, we will be focusing on the steps of conducting automation testing on e-commerce applications or sites. Lastly, we will discuss the best practices which are associated with automation testing of an e-commerce website.

Now let’s see what is automation testing all about.

What Is The Automation Testing Of Ecommerce Website or App?

Automation testing means writing and using automation scripts to carry out the (usually) manual work for the QA in order to be sure nothing will be skipped due to boredom and other things while also doing it faster.

The process of automation testing of the e-commerce website creates a good impact on the software and is taken into consideration as a solid precautionary step to finding out malfunctions and bugs in the system before launching the software.

Why Is Automation Testing Necessary For An eCommerce Website?

Considering current day scenarios, it is pretty evident that eCommerce websites are nothing unknown to any of us. Every individual's smartphone will have one or more eCommerce applications in it, which they frequently use as well. There are already numerous software existing in the world that people often get confused about what to use and what not to.

In such a situation, if a company plans to launch a new eCommerce software, they need to incorporate a lot of effort to stand out in the crowd because the current scenario is very much saturated. If a website inherits any malfunctioning aspect or bugs or is incapable of serving correctly to the clients, it will be immediately discarded by the company's targeted audiences. 

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This is because there are already so many other options, and people will never settle with something that is not fulfilling their requirements. Hence to eliminate all of these negative aspects of existing in the system, automation testing of an e-commerce website is really needed.

By conducting automation testing of e-commerce website, testers make the software go through multiple scenarios and situations until it is declared flawless. These scenarios are created in the form of tests that are run accordingly in order to see if the software is functioning correctly, no matter what the user makes it do.

Sometimes there prevail some fundamental problems in the system which are not generally detected but seen when the user finally uses the software. It might function properly on a smartphone, but when the user opens the same application on their computer, it starts malfunctioning. 

This might seem like a minor issue, but it is hampering the user experience to a considerable extent. Think of all the users who are planning to navigate the website through their computers, and they will be facing the problem which a smartphone user will not. 

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Accordingly, the company will start losing clients who have been keen on using it on their computers. In this case, the versatility of the website is getting lost, which is somehow leading it to lose its chances of excelling as a brand in the industry.

Automation testing of e-commerce website is significant because it not only finds out the bugs and other complications it also successfully finds out other changes that require to be modified. 

While conducting automation testing of the e-commerce website, the tester will be analyzing the whole scenario through a consumer's perspective.  And hence, whatever that is not benefiting the consumer can be changed or eliminated with new features that are solely meant for satisfying the clients only.

Automation testing of e-commerce website is so much emphasized in this whole article because it covers up a vast range of aspects associated with a website starting from mere banners to fonts, promo codes emerging to the functioning of the site on different devices as well. 

Automated testing ensures that the tests composed for the site are run over and over again until satisfactory results are achieved. On the other hand, manual testing is a lot more tiring because a physical tester is needed who will be conducting all the tests for multiple numbers of times.

The detection of bugs by a machine is also quite spontaneous and accurate, which is done by a person. Hence Automation testing of an e-commerce website is essential.

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Many people often get confused between automation testing and manual testing, but both of them are really different practices.

Manual testing is carrying out scripted tests by a quality assurance engineer. It is a tedious job and requires a lot of precision and observation skills as well in order to detect the bugs spontaneously. In manual testing, the tester will continuously check every feature and aspect incorporated in the website, the tester will accumulate valuable data through the results, and the entire process will be conducted manually only without the help of any automated testing tools or software.

Manual testing it's (initially) cheaper and very good when it comes to new functionalities, but over time becomes worse and worse when doing regression tests. Regression is repeated which is why writing scripts for these is a good idea. Testing a certain function is usually done once or twice and that's it.

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On the other than Automation testing of the e-commerce website, the tester writes testing codes or test scripts to validate the software efficiently. Here the testers do not manually run. Then instead, they take help from appropriate tools, and the whole process of automation testing depends on previously scripted tests only.

In Automation testing of e-commerce website since the whole procedure is conducted depending upon previously scripted tests, the results that are accumulated via the Automation testing of an e-commerce website are compared with the already documented results. So the whole procedure is basically a comparison between the documented test results and previously scripted or expected test results. 

Automation testing does not require any manual tester; hence, the whole procedure is not that tedious, but for the initial screening or scripting procedure, a manual tester will be required due to one's experience the automation engineer knows what to automate, knows what to pay more attention to, etc.

How To Conduct Automation Testing On The eCommerce app Or Site?

Persuade management

If the management team or head does not approve the idea of conducting automation testing of e-commerce website, you cannot start with the work. Hence taking their permission is important, making them understand the importance and the benefits automation testing provides in general.

Automation test is an expensive procedure; the tools associated with automation testing of e-commerce website requires the right amount of finances. Hence, convincing the management to gather or giving the investments is really necessary and can be estimated as the first step of conducting automation testing of an e-commerce website.

As a matter of convincing them, you can tell them that initially, the money that will be invested in automation testing of e-commerce website will be reduced as the number of tests gets scripted because the whole process is repetitive. 

Make them understand that automation testing of e-commerce website will not replace manual testing procedures and quality assurance engineer, as well. The entire system is meant to help out the manual testers and guide them to do better things. 

Automated tests take a lot less time than manual ones, thus releasing the app sooner and also saving time to focus on other things too.

Searching for automation tool experts

Since the entire process of automation testing of an e-commerce website is based on the technology, you need to have people in your team who will have in-depth knowledge about the utility of the tools and other aspects associated with automation testing of e-commerce website. And for that purpose, what you need are called automation architects. 

Automation QA Tester are experts in handling and utilizing automation tools correctly. Finding an excellent team of automation architects means half of the work is sorted because they are the leading figures behind the whole process of automation testing of e-commerce website. They will handle the entire procedure of selecting the correct tools, followed by scripting the tests and initiating the entire work as well.

Utilizing the correct tool for automation

This is another crucial work, as well. The automation architect who is responsible for the whole process of automation testing of e-commerce website will decide what tool and programming language will serve the purpose of the testing of the site the best. 

Getting your hands on the particular tool followed by making it use is an integral part of the whole process because the majority of the people cannot decide which tool to use only. Choosing the right tool is so much emphasized because you will be investing quite a lot of money in getting the tool, and hence, you cannot afford to get a tool that will not serve your purpose.

A lot of tools are free, but some of them work better in apps of type A, others in apps of type B. While rewriting tests is fairly easy, it does take time. Aside from that, some tools have their flaws the team should be aware of.

Train Your Team

A well-functioning team of testers and automation architects is really necessary to get effective results through automation testing of e-commerce website. Hence firstly, you need to train your team by giving the proper resources and tools and also by elaborating them on the central aspect of automation testing of e-commerce website or rather what you need to get as a result from your testing procedure.

Creating a test plan

This is nothing but creating a gist of the entire work that your team will be required to do. The test plan will comprise of the scenarios or the procedures through which automation testing of e-commerce website will be done to achieve. This should be done with ultimate accuracy and efficiency because making mistakes; if started from the roots, it will become difficult in the final stages.

Making an execution plan

This step will include the environment selection in which the automation testing of e-commerce website will be carried on along with deciding which browsers will be checked as well as checking different hardware configurations.

Making or composing scripts

After all the needful procedures are completed writing scripts should be initiated. Here the scenarios should be written through which the software will be passed on in order to test its versatility and functioning as well. 

The scripting procedure should be done carefully, maintaining a particular order so that there is no confusion later on. Ay least in the ideal scenario. Tests should be independent from each other (as in: doing A shouldn't be required for B - A and B should work the same way regardless of whether either was run prior or not).


After running the tests which are scripted, there will be a number of results. Those results are supposed to be evaluated and compared against the expected results. Next, whatever is evaluated is reported to the management. You can create an auto emailing system here. The test results will be reported to them via emails on their own.

Best Practices for E-Commerce Automation Testing

As mentioned earlier, automation testing of e-commerce website is an expensive procedure. It requires a good amount of resources and also efficient team; hence, creating a single mistake in the whole process means compromising a lot of other aspects, including the quality of the website itself, which is supposed to be tested.

Here are some tips or good practices one should inherit while carrying out automation testing of e-commerce website.

Understanding the test scenarios is really important. Where you want to run your tests and what results you expect are all a part of figuring out the test scenarios. If this step is done with ultimate accuracy, a lot of possibilities of creating problems further will be eliminated from the system.

  • Emphasize on selecting a proper framework. This should be done after consulting the automation architect team and should be done, keeping in mind all the requirements you expect from your software.
  • While scripting make sure, you maintain a proper structure to the process and also make sure the entire thing is readable. Maintaining communication throughout the different teams working behind a software or a website is really necessary; maintaining the utility of easy language is really necessary. Also, make sure the scripts that are composed of the automation testing of e commerce website, are versatile and can be reused for future references as well.
  • Invest time in building up your team of specialists. Even though automation testing of e-commerce website is mostly technology controlled or software controlled, the initial work is done by human only.  Hence, a team of efficient testers is required, along with automation architects, in order to make proper use of the tools meant for automation testing.

Make sure the recommendations are not taking over everything, let them do their work but not irritate the client as well. It is meant for capturing the attention of the client, not irritates them so that they do not come back.

When it comes to automation testing of e-commerce website, you can close your eyes and trust in Apphawks. Our team of testers and developers is extremely efficient in terms of creating a website that is devoid of any flaws are will successfully do the work which it is meant to be. 

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