Automation Testing Of E-Commerce Website

31 October 2019 Apphawks

Automation testing of e-commerce website is an effective method of running tests to see how the program functions in different situations and ultimately bringing practical solutions to suppress those complications with the help of automation testing of e-commerce website.

At Apphawks, we specialize in automation testing of e-commerce website with the help of our experienced team of testers and developers. 

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At the beginning of the article, we will focus on what automation testing of e-commerce website is all about. Followed by that we will be discussing why automated testing is an essential thing to practice for creating useful eCommerce websites. After that, we will be focusing on the steps of conducting automation testing on e-commerce applications or sites. Lastly, we will discuss the best practices which are associated with automation testing of e-commerce website.

Now let’s see what is automation testing all about.

What Is The Automation Testing Of Ecommerce Website or App?

Automation testing means writing and using automation scripts to carry out the (usually) manual work for the QA in order to be sure nothing will be skipped due to boredom and other things while also doing it faster.

The process of automation testing of e-commerce website creates a good impact on the software and is taken into consideration as a solid precautionary step to finding out malfunctions and bugs in the system before launching the software.

Why Is Automation Testing Necessary For An eCommerce Website?

Considering current day scenarios, it is pretty evident that eCommerce websites are nothing unknown to any of us. Every individual’s smartphone will have one or more eCommerce applications in it, which they frequently use as well. There are already numerous software existing in the world that people often get confused about what to use and what not to.

In such situation, if a company plans to launch a new eCommerce software, they need to incorporate a lot of effort to stand out in the crowd because the current scenario is very much saturated. If a website inherits any malfunctioning aspect or bugs or is incapable of serving correctly to the clients, it will be immediately discarded by the company’s targeted audiences. 

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This is because there are already so many other options, and people will never settle with something that is not fulfilling their requirements. Hence to eliminate all of these negative aspects of existing in the system, automation testing of e-commerce website is really needed.

By conducting automation testing of e-commerce website, testers make the software go through multiple scenarios and situations until it is declared flawless. These scenarios are created in the form of tests that are run accordingly in order to see if the software is functioning correctly, no matter what the user makes it do.

Sometimes there prevail some fundamental problems in the system which are not generally detected but seen when the user finally uses the software. It might function properly on a smartphone, but when the user opens the same application on their computer, it starts malfunctioning. 

This might seem like a minor issue, but it is hampering the user experience to a considerable extent. Think of all the users who are planning to navigate the website through their computers, and they will be facing the problem which a smartphone user will not. 

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Accordingly, the company will start losing clients who have been keen on using it on their computers. In this case, the versatility of the website is getting lost, which is somehow leading it to lose its chances of excelling as a brand in the industry.

Automation testing of e-commerce website is significant because it not only finds out the bugs and other complications it also successfully finds out other changes that require to be modified. 

While conducting automation testing of the e-commerce website, the tester will be analyzing the whole scenario through a consumer’s perspective.  And hence, whatever that is not benefiting the consumer can be changed or eliminated with new features that are solely meant for satisfying the clients only.

Automation testing of e-commerce website is so much emphasized in this whole article because it covers up a vast range of aspects associated with a website starting from mere banners to fonts, promo codes emerging to the functioning of the site on different devices as well. 

Automated testing ensures that the tests composed for the site are run over and over again until satisfactory results are achieved. On the other hand, manual testing is a lot more tiring because a physical tester is needed who will be conducting all the tests for a multiple number of times. 

The detection of bugs by a machine is also quite spontaneous and accurate, which is done by a person. Hence Automation testing of e-commerce website is essential.

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Many people often get confused between automation testing and manual testing, but both of them are really different practices.

Manual testing is carrying out scripted tests by a quality assurance engineer. It is a tedious job and requires a lot of precision and observation skills as well in order to detect the bugs spontaneously. In manual testing, the tester will continuously check every feature and aspect incorporated in the website, the tester will accumulate valuable data through the results, and the entire process will be conducted manually only without the help of any automated testing tools or software.

Manual testing it’s (initially) cheaper and very good when it comes to new functionalities, but over time becomes worse and worse when doing regression tests. Regression is repeated which is why writing scripts for these is a good idea. Testing a certain function is usually done once or twice and that’s it.

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On the other than Automation testing of the e-commerce website, the tester writes testing codes or test scripts to validate the software efficiently. Here the testers do not manually run. Then instead, they take help from appropriate tools, and the whole process of automation testing depends on previously scripted tests only.

In Automation testing of e-commerce website since the whole procedure is conducted depending upon previously scripted tests, the results that are accumulated via the Automation testing of e-commerce website are compared with the already documented results. So the whole procedure is basically a comparison between the documented test results and previously scripted or expected test results. 

Automation testing does not require any manual tester; hence, the whole procedure is not that tedious, but for the initial screening or scripting procedure, a manual tester will be required due to one’s experience the automation engineer knows what to automate, knows what to pay more attention to etc.

How To Conduct Automation Testing On The eCommerce app Or Site?

Persuade management

If the management team or head does not approve the idea of conducting automation testing of e-commerce website, you cannot start with the work. Hence taking their permission is important, making them understand the importance and the benefits automation testing provides in general.

Automation test is an expensive procedure; the tools associated with automation testing of e-commerce website requires the right amount of finances. Hence, convincing the management to gather or giving the investments is really necessary and can be estimated as the first step of conducting automation testing of an e-commerce website.

As a matter of convincing them, you can tell them that initially, the money that will be invested in automation testing of e-commerce website will be reduced as the number of tests gets scripted because the whole process is repetitive. 

Make them understand that automation testing of e-commerce website will not replace manual testing procedures and quality assurance engineer, as well. The entire system is meant to help out the manual testers and guide them to do better things. 

Automated tests take a lot less time than manual ones, thus releasing the app sooner and also saving time to focus on other things too.

Searching for automation tool experts

Since the entire process of automation testing of an e-commerce website is based on the technology, you need to have people in your team who will have in-depth knowledge about the utility of the tools and other aspects associated with automation testing of e-commerce website. And for that purpose, what you need are called automation architects. 

Automation QA Tester are experts in handling and utilizing automation tools correctly. Finding an excellent team of automation architects means half of the work is sorted because they are the leading figures behind the whole process of automation testing of e-commerce website. They will handle the entire procedure of selecting the correct tools, followed by scripting the tests and initiating the entire work as well.

Utilizing the correct tool for automation

This is another crucial work, as well. The automation architect who is responsible for the whole process of automation testing of e-commerce website will decide what tool and programming language will serve the purpose of the testing of the site the best. 

Getting your hands on the particular tool followed by making it use is an integral part of the whole process because the majority of the people cannot decide which tool to use only. Choosing the right tool is so much emphasized because you will be investing quite a lot of money in getting the tool, and hence, you cannot afford to get a tool that will not serve your purpose.

A lot of tools are free, but some of them work better in apps of type A, others in apps of type B. While rewriting tests is fairly easy, it does take time. Aside from that, some tools have their flaws the team should be aware of.

Train Your Team

A well-functioning team of testers and automation architects is really necessary to get effective results through automation testing of e-commerce website. Hence firstly, you need to train your team by giving the proper resources and tools and also by elaborating them on the central aspect of automation testing of e-commerce website or rather what you need to get as a result from your testing procedure.

Creating a test plan

This is nothing but creating a gist of the entire work that your team will be required to do. The test plan will comprise of the scenarios or the procedures through which automation testing of e-commerce website will be done to achieve. This should be done with ultimate accuracy and efficiency because making mistakes; if started from the roots, it will become difficult in the final stages.

Making an execution plan

This step will include the environment selection in which the automation testing of e-commerce website will be carried on along with deciding which browsers will be checked as well as checking different hardware configurations.

Making or composing scripts

After all the needful procedures are completed writing scripts should be initiated. Here the scenarios should be written through which the software will be passed on in order to test its versatility and functioning as well. 

The scripting procedure should be done carefully, maintaining a particular order so that there is no confusion later on. Ay least in the ideal scenario. Tests should be independent from each other (as in: doing A shouldn’t be required for B – A and B should work the same way regardless of whether either was run prior or not).


After running the tests which are scripted, there will be a number of results. Those results are supposed to be evaluated and compared against the expected results. Next, whatever is evaluated is reported to the management. You can create an auto emailing system here. The test results will be reported to them via emails on their own.

Best Practices for E-Commerce Automation Testing

As mentioned earlier, automation testing of e-commerce website is an expensive procedure. It requires a good amount of resources and also efficient team; hence, creating a single mistake in the whole process means compromising a lot of other aspects, including the quality of the website itself, which is supposed to be tested.

Here are some tips or good practices one should inherit while carrying out automation testing of e-commerce website.

Understanding the test scenarios is really important. Where you want to run your tests and what results you expect are all a part of figuring out the test scenarios. If this step is done with ultimate accuracy, a lot of possibilities of creating problems further will be eliminated from the system.

  • Emphasize on selecting a proper framework. This should be done after consulting the automation architect team and should be done, keeping in mind all the requirements you expect from your software.
  • While scripting make sure, you maintain a proper structure to the process and also make sure the entire thing is readable. Maintaining communication throughout the different teams working behind a software or a website is really necessary; maintaining the utility of easy language is really necessary. Also, make sure the scripts that are composed of the automation testing of e commerce website, are versatile and can be reused for future references as well.
  • Invest time in building up your team of specialists. Even though automation testing of e-commerce website is mostly technology controlled or software controlled, the initial work is done by human only.  Hence, a team of efficient testers is required, along with automation architects, in order to make proper use of the tools meant for automation testing.

Make sure the recommendations are not taking over everything, let them do their work but not irritate the client as well. It is meant for capturing the attention of the client, not irritates them so that they do not come back.

When it comes to automation testing of e-commerce website, you can close your eyes and trust in Apphawks. Our team of testers and developers is extremely efficient in terms of creating a website that is devoid of any flaws are will successfully do the work which it is meant to be. 

You can connect with us to get our assistance; our services are extremely reasonably charged and also devoid of any discrepancies. We have been serving an innumerable number of clients and intend to do the same for the upcoming days as well.


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Performance Testing Of E-Commerce Applications

23 October 2019 Apphawks

We all have more than one shopping application on our phone, and every day there is a new eCommerce company coming up selling something unique.  Due to such increment in the competition performance testing of e-commerce applications has become a significant step for all the eCommerce companies out there to bring out the best form in the market for their targeted clients.  

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Apphawks is one such name who has been specializing in providing the best possible guidance and assistance in performance testing of e-commerce applications

In this article, we will focus on the aspects of performance testing of e-commerce applications and elaborate a few steps in it as well. Starting with what performance of a mobile or web application actually is, we will see the actual definition of performance in the technical aspects.

Further, we will be focusing on the reasons why we should conduct proper testing of eCommerce sites and why performance testing is such an important issue for the eCommerce website. Next, we will be briefly discussing the steps of performance testing for eCommerce sites. 

We will see some of the important things that testers should consider while conducting performance testing of e-commerce applications are. 

What Is The “Performance” Of Mobile Or Web Application?

Performance of a mobile or a web application is basically its capability of performing all the functions which it is supposed to do flawlessly without causing any delay or complication. 

There are multiple aspects present in a single application which requires separate performance testing of e-commerce applications. Every part of a mobile application is supposed to be checked or tested, keeping in mind different criteria which it is supposed to fulfil without failing or causing any complications. 

The major performances of a mobile or web application are nothing but its primary work, such as loading pages, showing the products, bringing out proper search results for the viewers, and loading the pages on time as well.

What Is Performance Testing?

Performance Testing is that type of software testing that pinpoints on how a system running the system performs under a particular circumstance. Performance testing measures depending on the benchmarks and standards. Performance testing helps the developers to eliminate the bottlenecks.

Why Do We Have To Test E-Commerce App?

As consumers we always look forward for perfection in the eCommerce app we tend to use. 

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The apps which perform flawlessly without causing any complications display images and content within a short period of time is what successfully engages our attention into it. We get hooked to only those particular software or applications which perform well.

So, in order to achieve that perfection in terms of functioning and technical performances, conducting performance testing of e-commerce applications is really necessary. It helps in finding out bugs and other defects present in the system in order to bring ultimate perfection in the system. 

Ecommerce testing decreases the vulnerability of software because it decreases the risk factor to a huge extent. One of the major concerns of consumers while using an eCommerce site is the security factor. 

People share their personal payment details, their bank account details, credit, and debit card information, and if security is not strong enough, all of the information might get hacked. That will lead to building up of trust issues between the company and their targeted clients. 

To nullify these issues, testing is really important for every eCommerce application out there. Performance testing of e-commerce applications plays a quintessential role in terms of elevating the security system to a huge extent.

One of the biggest reasons behind performing performance testing of e-commerce applications is to see if the application is performing well on multiple platforms. The targeted audience of a particular company will never have a single browsing media. 

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There will be people who will be browsing the application on their phones, and there will be other people who will find it easy to browse on their computers. If the application fails to perform properly on a single media, it will hamper the user experience of the particular software. 

Performance testing of e-commerce applications enables testers to find out issues of this sort easily and get them corrected in order to build a successful and flawless application. 

Another issue that arises with the eCommerce applications is an inability to function on multiple browsers lawlessly. 

Performance testing of e-commerce applications enables the application to adapt themselves accordingly so that no matter where they are made to run by the targeted clients, they will function properly. 

If the software fails to perform in a diverse way, it will undoubtedly hamper the client satisfaction process as well as the user interface of the system.

Performance testing of e-commerce applications also enables one to check other aspects of the software as well. Aspects like, if it is functioning properly in higher traffic situations and retaining all the features that have been incorporated in the application.

A major issue that is faced by the eCommerce application is causing disputes in terms of billing. These eCommerce sites provide multiple numbers of discounts and coupons, which requires to be correctly calculated or subtracted in the end to bring the correct amount to be paid. 

Performance testing of e-commerce applications helps in rectifying any problems or issues present in the system. Issues are like while calculating the amount along all the other factors like taxes and shipping charges not to mention the coupon codes and discount codes that gets incorporated in it the system creates no flaws and shows the accurate results as well.

Performance testing of e-commerce applications has been getting a lot of attention in current day scenarios due to its ability to bring utmost efficiency in the system of the application. The whole motive behind creating an eCommerce application is to attract the maximum number of targeted clients and gain the profit as well. To get all these done, performance testing of e-commerce applications is really essential. 

Performance Testing Of E-Commerce App or Site 

Why Is It Important?

Performance testing of e-commerce applications is performed in order to bring perfection in the entire system of the application. but there are multiple integral reasons which require very accurate testing procedures in order to detect the presence of complications in it.

Let’s see why is performance testing of e-commerce applications so important and how is it influencing the quality of the application as well.

Examining All The Objectives Of The Software

Performance testing of e-commerce applications performs overall testing of the software, determining if it is functioning properly or if the loading time taken by the pages is perfect. Other than that, it also checks about the billing, shopping guide part as well. 

If there is a blog present in the application, it goes through that part as well. It checks if bugs are present and the planning to bring the remedies as well to develop an application that is flawless.

Loading of pages

Often too much traffic causes delays in the loading of pages. This indirectly or directly influences the user experience as well. Nobody is willing to spend tons of their personal time waiting to see the pages hence. 

Performance testing of e-commerce applications is important because it creates situations engaging multiple people in using the application. It also checks the load aspects of the pages and makes changes accordingly if needed in order to make the software flawless.

The Versatility Of The App On Different Devices

This is one of those aspects which the majority of the  QA Testers neglect while testing for eCommerce applications. 

Sometimes, it happens that an app is working properly on a particular device  but fails on a different model. Like if an app is working perfectly on our phones, often becomes a mess when we try to open the same application on our computers. 

This is due to optimization problems in which performing performance testing of e-commerce applications was a cure to a huge extent. The QA Testers, while doing performance testing, will check the navigability of the software along with the loading time. 

They will also check other aspects like a page’s interactive power and the fonts and other things.

Cloud-based testing

This is an important part of testing that requires to be performed in order to enhance the flexibility of software in terms of working. 

If a client keeps adding items in their cart through their phone but ultimately makes a purchase by opening the software from their computer or laptop, the software also needs to function accordingly. To enable the software to work in such a flexible manner, cloud-based testing is required because this work is influenced by cloud computing only. This is a sensitive area and requires a higher accuracy rate in composing the tests; hence, utmost efficiency and attention are needed. 

Steps To Conduct Performance Testing

Let’s see what the basic steps of conducting performance testing of e-commerce applications are.  

Verify The Testing Environment First

This is the initial point where the availability of resources is checked. The hardware, software and network configurations are examined in order to build the perfect testing environment and compose the test cases as well. Acquiring a proper idea about the test environment from the beginning gives a vivid idea about the requirements in testing as well.

Find out the performance acceptance criteria

Evaluate the requirements in terms of functioning and resource utilization and so on. Also, evaluate what the project requirements are in order to understand how the testing procedures can benefit the software and ring the required results as well.

Plan Thoroughly And Compose The Tests

Understand the requirements of the software in order to know how you should compose your tests and create a perfect list of procedures. Every e-commerce software will require different tests because the requirements will change accordingly. Hence proper planning is a must before composing your tests.

Identify The Test Environment

Create the environment for conducting your testing properly. Creation of environment meaning arranging the tools, gathering the information and doing all the necessary things whatever is needed to smoothly conduct the testing procedures.

Implement The Planned And Designed Test

This is the important phase where the tester starts implementing the tests in order to get the bugs existing in the system. It is always advised to initiate this step with the consumer’s perspective because what the tester is thinking to be perfect might not satisfy the tester at all. 

Initiate Executing The Test

Run and examine your tests, start gathering the data and results that the tests are showing. Keep a track of the results so that you can check what is wrong and right with the system as well.

Understand The Results And Report Them

This is the last step where you take the information from the test and report them to the higher authorities, depicting what needs to be done and how the complications can be nullified.

Aspects That Should Be Considered During Conduction Performance Testing

Check The Geographical Position

If there is any complication arising with the spontaneous working of the software, make sure you check if it is getting affected due to the geographical position of your clients. 

This can happen at times. For understanding the complication, check the working capabilities of the software at peak hours and at lenient hours in order to see how it is working. 

The QA testers you will get in order to perform the performance testing of e-commerce applications will check on the issue evaluating the position of the client, if it is playing any role behind it.

Emphasize On Mobile Usage

If the number of mobile users is compared with that of computers or other device users, the number of mobile users in terms of surfing the internet will triumph all the other categories undoubtedly. There are a humongous number of people who will navigate your software through their mobile phones. 

If they face any complications there, you as a company will lose a potential number of clients. The user experience, if it gets hampered with mobile users, it will be a huge downfall for the company itself. 

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While composing tests for performance testing of e-commerce applications, make sure you emphasize the mobile users and check all the aspects of the software in terms of its functions over mobile. Also, check how it is working in Android as well as iOS systems.

Check The Working Aspects Of Different Transaction Methods

Online transactions, when made on e-commerce sites targeted audiences, always look forward to fast functioning features and a secured environment as well. Make sure, while conducting performance testing of e-commerce applications, you pay special attention to enhancing the payment procedures and the transaction processes as well. 

Make sure while a client is making a purchase, he or she does not have to wait unnecessarily in order to fulfil the entire payment.

The Takeaway

Considering today’s demand for perfection in the eCommerce business, conducting performance testing of e-commerce software is becoming an extremely important. 

Building up software that is devoid of any complication and flaws and providing 100 per cent client satisfaction is what every company needs in order to excel in the industry.

When it comes to taking assistance in performance testing of e-commerce apps, there is no better place other than Apphawks. 

Our services are absolutely transparent, and we offer top-notch quality assistance. We believe in growing up as a brand by serving our clients faithfully. 


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Exploratory Testing For e-Commerce

22 October 2019 Apphawks

Exploratory testing for e-Commerce has been an effective way to detect defects in the system instinctively.

Exploratory testing helps out in developing software which is devoid of any flaws and complications in its system. Not many QA Testers are keen towards utilizing exploratory testing. It is risky and requires a lot more effort as well.

In scripted testing, test cases are first constructed or scripted, and then they are strategically carried on. Exploratory testing for e-Commerce is conducted spontaneously. They are not preplanned and not scripted beforehand. 

In the article, we will focus on the aspects of exploratory testing for e-Commerce. Starting with the requirements in e-Commerce testing. We will focus on why it is really important to conduct testing for e-Commerce sites.  We will focus on how exploratory testing for e-Commerce can improve e-Commerce testing of projects, as well.

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While conducting exploratory testing for e-Commerce, there are multiple areas which people tend to ignore. Yet these are the points which decide whether exploratory testing is going to bring any fruitful result or not. We will be covering that in the next part, providing brief information about the places where testers should pay attention and verify the presence of bugs.

Ultimately we will focus on the best practices of e-Commerce testing. We will next focus on the testing techniques or steps of e-Commerce testing, followed by certain practices. We make sure these practices are considered as proper and effective ways to bring out flawless end results after conducting exploratory testing for e-Commerce.

Why is e-Commerce testing so much emphasized currently?

Maintenance of security

Ecommerce sites are a lot more demanding now. Clients are incorporating a lot of their personal information in their accounts on these eCommerce sites. 

So it is inevitable they will demand security of top-notch level. Hacking and all the scams of getting bankrupt are some of the most common issues which arise with the lack of security in the eCommerce sites. 

This can be controlled and nullified if proper testing like exploratory testing for e-Commerce is carried on before launching the project.

Degraded performance

This is something nobody wants from their site. Already the amount of competition is increasing to some other level, and everyday some new eCommerce site is stepping into the industry. 

To maintain a steady position by providing top-notch quality satisfaction to the clients is really important. Proper e-commerce testing is really important in order to know how the site is functioning overall.

How can you improve eCommerce project by opting for structured exploratory testing?

Ecommerce websites are prone to develop multiple issues that are mostly hidden. A structured way of examining these issues will never bring out the hidden complications. 

Structured exploratory testing for e-Commerce is really important as it brings our despair conditions or uncommon situations, which generally testers never inculcate while conducting their tests in a sketched manner. 

The vulnerability of an eCommerce site is increased when exploratory tests or spontaneous testing is carried on.

A structured way of testing restricts the ideas of a tester because the tests are previously planned. Hence there are chances of missing out certain points. In the case of exploratory testing for e-Commerce will not happen because it is spontaneous, and whatever is coming in the mind of the tester will be executed. And, the situations will also vary and not be preplanned.

What are the required steps to be taken in terms of exploratory testing for e-Commerce?

In terms of testing e-commerce websites, proper knowledge in eCommerce testing is needed, and also testing techniques should be known thoroughly.

Testing techniques should consist of the following steps.

  •     Functionality as well as Exploratory testing.
  •     Regression testing.
  •     Usability testing.
  •     Security testing.
  •     Performance testing.
  •     Compatibility testing.
  •     Third party integration testing.
  •     A/B testing.
  •     Automation testing.

While covering structured exploratory testing for eCommerce, there are certain places that require special consideration. Specific areas that should be considered when planning forward to live testing. 

Structured exploratory testing for e-Commerce is also considered as live testing because it is spontaneously carried on without any previous planning.

What will happen when someone will try to log in?

What will the customers see when they log in, whether they will be seeing a hoarding containing certain news, or will they be directly connected with the home page? 

If the login details are wrong, will the customers get a verification option, or will they be redirected to the password changing option? 

This stuff is needed to be verified in exploratory testing for e-Commerce because it directly influences the user experience of a project and client satisfaction as well. If the homepage is taking too long to load or if there is no message popping after they have logged in, it is really important to be checked. Because these small aspects ultimately make a project seamless and provide ultimate client satisfaction as well.

Are your form fields users friendly and not time-consuming?

Before making your clients reach the final point, make sure the form fields are working efficiently. Make sure your system is asking for enough information not too much, not too less either. 

Do not incorporate unnecessary amounts of mandatory fields in the form. This will do nothing but kill the interest of your clients. That will ultimately make them lose their focus, and they might not make the final purchase as well. 

Make sure these aspects are functioning and not bothering the user experience at all. The information that requires to be filled in the forms before the checkout option comes requires to be hassle-free. 

Also, make sure all the payment options are functioning. Do not be biased in terms of payment options. Make sure a client paying through their credit cards gets equal advantages as the ones who are paying through online payment applications.

How is your app functioning on a mobile phone?

Versatility is really important when it is associated with an application. Not every person is going to browse it through their computers. 

There will be many people who will be comfortable surfing it through their smart phones. Hence it should be checked if the application is fully functioning on multiple media in order to become flexible enough to enhance user satisfaction and also not hamper the user experience.

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If an application refuses to function on the phone, it is cancelling a major number of potential clients of the company, and this is something which nobody wants to face.

What are the consequences after you leave the site and come back?

How much progress is made by the site itself after the client leaves it behind is really important to be verified? Whether the information typed in the forms is intact even if the page is left behind or if the information typed will be lost if the client leaves the page in between should be checked. 

Generally, clients are irritated if they are needed to fill the mandatory fields of an online form multiple times. Make sure your application retains the information which was filled in beforehand because no one has got the time to fill in the same spaces multiple times. 

This is necessary to be checked because before making a purchase if the applications ask for the same information every time, the clients will lose interest in checking out and purchasing the product ultimately. This is needed to be eliminated from the system in order to enhance your user experience of the software.

What could be incorporated into the system to make it better from a user’s perspective?

As a tester, you might never find any complication or bug in the system of your project. But that is not the case in every scenario; sometimes despite not finding any bugs and declaring that the testing to be absolutely positive, a project does not perform up to the mark in the market. This is because it did not stand up to the user’s expectations. Sometimes testers cannot predict what users are looking for unless they start evaluating the system’s functions through a user’s perspective only. 

While conducting exploratory testing for eCommerce, make sure you check the entire working features of the system through a user’s perspective. Also, figure out what should be eliminated and incorporated in order to make it a lot better than what it is currently. 

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For this, you can go for conducting a random survey by asking your targeted clients what they look for in the application, what their requirements are, and how it will provide a one hundred per cent satisfaction to them. 

Keep in track of what your competitors are offering to their targeted audiences and try to go beyond them, try, and create something that stands out in the crowd. Then only it will be successful in all its aspects.

Check how the other elements are functioning.

It requires a sharp recognition power of a tester to know what is the small defects existing in the system of a project. There will be multiple minute defects in the function ability of a system. 

This requires to be identified while conducting exploratory testing for e-Commerce and should be eliminated accordingly, as well. Check the basics here; see if the software is properly interacting with the users properly, and check the test results and the algorithms as well. 

Go through all its aspects before declaring it, devoid of any complications and bugs.

What will happen after a targeted client completes their purchase?

This is really important because the majority of the companies tend to give up after the checkout or payment option is fulfilled by the clients. There should be a lot to keep in mind even after that. 

Whether they are receiving enough information about their product’s arrival or if they are getting way too many emails after purchasing. 

Check if they are receiving multiple unnecessary emails or notifications, see if they are getting notifications about newly launched products or things they can try out. These small things evaluate the user experience to a great extent. 

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Giving the clients a chance of re-ordering or cancelling their orders, also they should be able to write reviews and rate their purchases are some of the major yet basic things that should be checked. All in all, effort should be put to bring back the people who already made a purchase multiple times in the future.

Let’s see some exploratory testing for e-Commerce practices which are best for achieving top-notch end results for your eCommerce site.

Have a plan about your tests but do not script them or make sure you thoroughly follow them. Have a prototype in your mind, and remember the areas where you have to check. Entire pre-scripted testing will restrict your thoughts while conducting exploratory testing for e-Commerce.

Do not attempt to go for rigorous testing; this will exhaust your possibilities of testing. The aims of exploratory testing for e-Commerce are not too high hence taking way too many steps to test in spontaneous testing.

Inherit proper observation skills in order to make better decisions while conducting exploratory testing for e-Commerce. Make sure the tests are properly conducted while proper situations are evaluated. Since exploratory testing for e-Commerce requires spontaneous thinking, sharp observation skills are really important.

Opt For Exploratory Testing 

…and see your eCommerce project stand out in the crowd

Testing of eCommerce sites plays a quintessential role, and it is the same as how we check our final answer sheet before submitting it in an examination. We do this to see for the ultimate time whether there is any mistake in our performance. 

The same thing goes for e-Commerce site; testing helps in checking out for the ultimate time regarding the presence of any bugs in the system. 

At Apphawks, we provide top notch testing services through our efficient team of specialists. We provide 100% authentic information and guide every client through every venture of testing.

Already there are numerous eCommerce sites existing in the market. It becomes your ultimate requirement to stand out in the crowd and make your site the best or your application of top-notch quality. 

In order to gain the attention of your targeted clients and for this, conducting thorough exploratory testing for e-Commerce is really important. 


Conduct Exploratory Testing For Ecommerce

Test Cases for eCommerce Websites

18 October 2019 Apphawks

In this era of technological advancements, e-commerce sites are experiencing a more significant amount of evolution. 

Every day there is something coming up in the market; the number of e-commerce sites is increasing as the demands of people are growing.

This is somehow saturating the number of spaces in the industry. Hence, whatever e-commerce companies plan to step into the industry requires to offer exclusive features to their targeted audiences in order to earn their preferences and attract them for the long run.

Writing Test Cases for eCommerce

Developing an e-commerce project into a successful system requires top-notch quality testing. Writing test cases for eCommerce plays a quintessential role behind the management and development of a proper project.  

Considering the current day situation of the e-commerce industry, creating proper test cases for e-commerce influences a lot of its aspects, which we are not even aware of.

Conducting a proper testing schedule by composing solid test cases for eCommerce projects is like doing the final checking of your examination paper before you submit it to the examiner. 

At Apphawks we have been serving ecommerce testing to businesses and clients belonging to different levels in the industry and have been growing up as a potential name by gaining appreciation from our clients.

Read more=> E-commerce Testing Services

Further, in this article, we will focus on what are actually test cases for e-commerce sites and what are their functions. Followed by that, we will be focusing on the important areas where testers should focus while composing test cases for e-commerce sites. 

And in the end, why it is really important to conduct e-commerce testing for upcoming projects.

What Are Test Cases for eCommerce websites?

Test cases are scripted or non-scripted scenarios created in order to check the functionalities of an e-commerce system. 

How the eCommerce project will perform under certain scenarios is basically checked by performing the test cases for eCommerce. Previously it wasn’t performed this religiously as it is done now. 

Now maintaining the quality of e-commerce software has become a top priority of the companies; hence,  testing is becoming so common.

Composing test cases for eCommerce sites are different from other genres because the requirements here are different. Another important aspect of test cases for eCommerce is that test cases composed for one project does not necessarily mean will work for another eCommerce project. 

The requirements for one project will not always be the same for another. What one company seeks in its project will not be the same for another company. Hence versatility is a major requirement in terms of selecting testers. 


There will not be many situations where test cases can be recycled. Hence, the inheritance of versatility and flexibility is really important for the testers one chooses for the composition of their test cases for e-commerce sites.

Different types of testing processes for e-commerce.

  •       Functional Testing
  •       Usability Testing
  •       Security Testing
  •       Performance Testing
  •       Database Testing
  •       Mobile Application Testing
  •       A/B testing.

Test cases fall under a vital part of QA best practices because they directly or indirectly influence the whole process of quality assurance. Since it influences the end process majorly, no matter how much effort is being put in the previous steps if the end process is not done properly, it will make on the difference.

Now let’s focus on some of the specific areas where testers should focus on before or while composing test cases for e-commerce.

Home page

This is the starting point of your site or application. Clients, when the first login or enters your site, see the home page. The home page acts as the deal-breaker or the maker in terms of eCommerce projects. 

A home page is not supposed to be overcrowded. Neither it should be bland and boring not to attract the attention of the client at all. One of the major things that a tester should check on the home page is its loading time. 

A slow loading home page is going to hamper the user experience no matter how effective test cases for e-commerce are composed of the same project. Other aspects of a home page, like its interaction quality with the clients, should also be checked.

Few other things which should be tested in the home age are:

  • The auto-scrolling feature is present or not.
  • How much time is being taken to change the slides?
  • Are the tabs working properly present on the home page?
  • How long are the tabs taking to open?
  • Are the interactive features of the website functioning properly or not.

Search feature

This is another important feature in the site because it is not possible for the eCommerce companies to present everything on the display what the client is looking for. 

The search feature is an important aspect of the eCommerce project because it influences the user experience to a huge extent. The search option present on the site should possess filtering capabilities in order to find the clients exactly what they are looking for.

What to check while testing for the search feature?

  • If the drop-down list is coming with proper names of items.
  • If the name is wrong or there is a typing error, will the search list show the corrected recommendations?
  • How much time searching feature is taking to display the contents.
  • Will it rectify the typing mistakes and show the corrected names.
  • On typing the wrong name, will the search list show the corrected name or not.

The search feature is directly associated with the user experience of the site. Customers are heading towards an eCommerce site mainly to make a purchase from their collection. So if the search option itself is giving them a hard time, then the targeted audience will eventually lose their interest over making a purchase.

Hence while conducting test cases for e-commerce sites, it is really important to pay attention to creating a flawless search section.

Product description page

The product description page contains all the attract elements which will convince a targeted client to make a purchase. Composing test cases for e-commerce products should also be done in an intricate manner in order to maintain every aspect associated with it flawlessly.

Smallest of the small things like whether the picture of the product is enlarging on clicking or if the option of availability is present and working on the description page or not should be checked and tested.

 What should be tested on the product description page?

  • If the relevant information is showing on the page
  • The delivery destination verification option is present on the page
  • The picture of the product is enlarging on clicking
  • The price of the product is displayed
  • Delivery options are displayed
  • Shipping information is displayed
  • The review section is functioning.
  • Out of stock or In stock, information is showing on the page.

Test every aspect of the product pages. Make sure the interactive features are functioning well. While writing test cases for e-commerce sites, make sure the tester is visualizing every aspect to be tested from the consumer’s vision or the targeted audience’s eyes. 

This is really important because what is looking very appealing to a tester might not be satisfying a consumer. Hence, visualizing and creating test cases for e-commerce sites through the consumer’s perspective is really needed.

Shopping cart features

Features present in the shopping cart are also an important aspect of developing a flawless site. A bland shopping cart that is not functioning properly and also not showing proper information is something no client wants to see or experience.

What to test in the shopping cart section?

  • Is the checkout option working or not.
  • The continue shopping option is working or not.
  • All items are displayed that were added in the cart.
  • If one item is added twice, the number of the item present is showing the amount correctly.
  • Apply coupon section is functioning.
  • The price calculation is done correctly.
  • The add ons like taxes, shipping charges, etc. are displayed separately along with the individual price of the product.
  • Remove item from the cart option is working.
  • Check if the site is retaining all the products added in the cart if the user is leaving the page in between.

The last point holds immense importance because nobody wants to search for the same product multiple times and add them into the cart again after once they have left the site without completing the checkout procedure. This procedure makes it immensely irritating and cuts off the focus of the clients over purchasing the products.

Check thoroughly for the bugs present in the small aspects of the shopping cart while composing test cases for eCommerce sites. Because it is the second last stage where the client will head-on while purchasing a product finally. 

If their experience is hampered at this level, there are high possibilities that they will change their mind about purchasing a certain product, which is going to be a huge loss for the company itself only.

Payment options

 One of the main criteria which requires a serious amount of testing is the payment procedure and the features present in an e-commerce site. Clients look forward to gaining a lot of flexibility in the payment options an e-commerce company is offering to them.

Hence while composing test cases for e-commerce sites and specifically for the payment area, the tester should visualize the requirements and criteria through the consumer’s perspective.

 What to check while composing test cases for eCommerce sites’ payment options?

  • If all the payment options present are working properly.
  • On clicking on a particular payment option, the extra charges required for that one is displaying correctly.
  • Storing online payment option is working.
  • Offers available on choosing a particular mode of payment are displayed with all the correct information.
  • Security is maintained in this area because clients are entering their personal information into the eCommerce site.

While composing test cases for e-commerce sites, make sure the security is maintained thoroughly. Test if the page is holding the information or asking the user to rewrite them if they are leaving the page in between. 

Also, check if the save payment details option is working as well. These small aspects influence the user experience to a huge extent.

 Recommended products

This is a quintessential part that is very much neglected and requires an equal amount of attention, as well. After the client makes a purchase, the follow-up session starts, which involves showing them recommended items which they can purchase further.

Testing this section is important because this is what acts as an anchor to hold on to the clients in the long run.

 What to check in the recommended section.

  • Are the recommendations coming on the page immediately after the client confirms the order they have made?
  • Are the recommendations of having relevant products that will interest the client?

Make sure the recommendations are not taking over everything, let them do their work but not irritate the client as well. It is meant for capturing the attention of the client, not irritates them so that they do not come back.

Post-order procedures

This is another important part of the follow-up session when the client completes the order. Post-order procedures include following up with the order, emailing information about the status of the order, and also providing information about the shipping and tracking procedure of the order to the client.

Creating test cases for eCommerce sites should also include testing of the post-order procedures. Once a client finishes purchasing a product, they should be kept in the record by the company so that they come back for the furthermore times as well.

Why Is It Important To Do Testing For eCommerce sites?

Testing and composing test cases for e-commerce sites are really important in current days scenarios since competition is elevating every day, and clients are looking forward to a greater amount of perfection in the sites. To stand out in the crowd, the companies need to launch e-commerce projects which are unique and, most importantly, devoid of any flaws in the system.

Testing is what plays an important role in making these projects flawless and devoid of bugs.

Designing test cases for e-commerce sites is not really an easy job. The tester needs to visualize the situation while writing the tests through the vision of a consumer and create scenarios to test the functionality of the project effectively.

They need to find out bugs effectively in the system and create a project that is free from any flaws in order to enhance the user experience. Next they need to gather the appreciation effortlessly from the targeted audience when the project is finally launched.

The Takeaway

In this time of technological advancements happening at such a fast pace compromising with the quality of the e-commerce website will be the last thing any company would want to do. Hence getting help in composing test cases for e-commerce sites is really important, especially from well-known companies like Apphawks.

At Apphawks, you get no chance to worry about your testing procedures for your e-commerce. Our team of testers has been working in this field for an extensive period of time. They have gained enough knowledge to help out people with an issue associated with testing and test cases for e-commerce sites.

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E-commerce Services: From Development, Testing to Support

03 September 2019 Apphawks

Table of Contents

You must be wondering what is ecommerce services all about and how is it gaining so much recognition in the world?

Let’s put some light on the aspects of ecommerce services.

Ecommerce is nothing but an online platform or online forum where businesses can sell their products to their targeted clients. The whole process is conducted via the Internet and is fully technologically oriented.

Here companies host their online websites and represent their services or products. Ecommerce made the process of connecting to the targeted audience a lot more effortless. Also, if a company is able to make a strong online presence they flourish a lot more than what they could do without taking the help of ecommerce services.  

Ecommerce services not only help out all sorts of business organizations to make a lot of profit but also encourage a lot of newcomers to take a step into the business arena and make a strong online presence and gain a greater amount of profits in no time.

Domain buy

A domain is nothing but a name that will represent your company in the online world. By contacting an ecommerce services providing company, you will be assisted on all the aspects of choosing a domain name for your company and the procedures of buying it as well.

The domain name will help in generating a greater amount of traffic and will also make sure your online presence is significant enough to bring you the desired amount of recognition from your clients. 

Your sole responsibility on the Internet will be to successfully sell your products to potential clients. As of now, there is a lot of competition sustaining in the online forum, hence putting special attention towards creating a domain name is really important. 

It should be catchy enough and legitimate as well to represent your company. It should totally synchronize with your company to make sense of what your services are and what you are selling.

If you focus on bringing a lot of international audiences, then choose the name very carefully. Something that might sound extremely fancy can mean something else in other languages. 

This way you can lose a major section of international customers easily without even knowing. Hence always do proper research and take help from the specialists from where you plan to take ecommerce services and then only decide on a proper name.

Here are a few specific points you should keep in mind while you choose your domain name:

– Make sure the name favours your SEO,

– Inculcate the psychology of linguistics,

– Avoid the usage of punctuations,

– Keep the name short and catchy,

– Make sure the name totally synchronizes with your brand.

How To Choose The Best-Suited Ecommerce Web Hosting?

Ecommerce platforms which enable you to make a space for yourself and your company are one of the major reasons why small scale entrepreneurs are so enthusiastic about starting their own business. 

But while engaging in any sort of ecommerce services can be thrilling, you should be careful and consider multiple factors while you choose your potential web host.

Here are a few things one should keep in mind while choosing the best-suited web host:

Hosting service monitoring

When you decide to get help from a web host, one of the major things you should consider is their effort in monitoring the function and all over the output of the server. 

If there are certain complications and your website somehow shuts down not only will it cause a massive downfall in your profit, but it will also hamper the user experience of your targeted client. 

You need to get ecommerce services where the web host  monitors the server’s output 24/7 and does the necessary things to maintain the proper functioning of it as well.

Putting emphasis on this matter is very important because if by chance your website crashes on the weekend, be it Friday or Saturday, then getting help from the web host will be extremely difficult. 

Obviously, weekends will be off, and the ecommerce services will not be working; hence you have to wait till the next working day, which is Monday. Think of the extreme amount of loss you will face if your website will not work for two days straight. Hence make sure the web host’s ecommerce services are efficient enough and approachable as well.


Companies which are small scale or new startups often look for ecommerce services which are cheaper and are always afraid of investing money into its web hosts. But the simple trick here to make the most out of the web hosting facilities is to evaluate the facilities one gets instead of comparing the prices.

In ecommerce services, you should get what you pay for, hence always do your research in terms of what the different ecommerce services offer you instead of evaluating how they charge you. You should always settle for the ecommerce services which are suitable for your business not what suits your budget. Make the services your first priority here, not the charge.

Technological advancements

The whole process of web hosting requires top-notch quality technological aspects, and we all are aware of that. Technical support should be properly qualified and provide enough backup for your data, enough RAM support and connectivity for your web host services as well.

If there are any complications never hesitate to call your web host providers or ecommerce services provider. Make sure you elaborate on all the requirements your company and your business demands and only then settle to take their help.

Make sure your web host is easily approachable and also available 24/7. Technological aspects cannot be everyone’s forte; hence, the web host should be responsible for solving any technological disputes. They should have an efficient customer service team, so that when anybody is in trouble they get the needed guidance on time, without waiting and wasting time.

To find the perfect web host, you firstly need to do a proper research. You can ask your other business partners or anybody who is familiar with ecommerce services; this will give you enough idea to know which one to choose and which ones to avoid. 

Web hosting services come in three different forms:

Cloud hosting 

This comprises of an innumerable number of services which join together to form a single enormous server. Cloud hosting is fruitful for the small scale startups because it follows the policy of paying what you take. Hence here, the startups only pay for the resources they consume. So, there will be no issues of money wastage for ecommerce services and facilities which a company does not require. AWS and DigitalOcean are some of the cloud hosting platforms.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is again another amazing pocket-friendly web hosting option, but it has multiple cons. 

The price you pay for the services in shared hosting might be really negligible, but there can be a lot of complications. First of all, you have to share your server with other websites. 

This will increase the risk of losing security, pages might take a lot of time to load, and that will hamper the user experience to a huge extent. Disturbing your user experience is something you definitely do not want to do, so if you can then stay away from shared hosting services.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is exactly the opposite of shared hosting. Here you will get one particular dedicated server which will only work for your company and services. Hence there are no possibilities of sharing it with other websites, therefore no chances of slow page loading or risks associated with online data. 

This integrates the user experiences and helps in enhancing it, while also making the whole experience safe for your company as well as your clients.

But the biggest con of dedicated sharing is that it is extremely costly. Small scale businesses generally cannot afford the charges of dedicated hosting. Hence if you can afford it, then definitely go for it, as it is totally worth the money you spend on it. 

Custom Platforms vs Open Source Platforms

While choosing a custom ecommerce platforms or open source ecommerce platforms, there arises a huge amount of confusion. 

Small scale businesses which are not much aware of the utility of both the platforms often tend to choose the one which is not meant for their purpose.

Which one is good among custom ecommerce platforms or open source ecommerce platforms depends totally on the purpose of the company. What suits one may not suit the other.

Custom ecommerce services provide you with more amount of freedom and are mostly utilized for serious business practices. On the other hand, open source ecommerce services do not demand so much efficiency and seriousness. The pricing is also quite different for both the platforms which brings an affordability issue as well.

Custom eCommerce Platform

When it comes to custom ecommerce platforms, the user gets the ultimate freedom to personalize their website; here the whole website framework is not inbuilt, hence you have to start from scratch and indulge in every aspect of website building. 

Since the framework is not present, you have full authority over the design and functional aspects of your website. You can design it, and also you can add all the features to gain the attraction from your targeted audience as well. Custom ecommerce services enable you to represent a huge amount of products which can be equal to the number of clients that visit your website. The rate of page loading etc. is also extremely quick in custom ecommerce platforms.


  •   Website is capable of managing a greater number of visitors and transactions as well.
  •     Maintains synchronization throughout the website.
  •     Gives full freedom to the user to make the most out of it.
  •     Can personalize the website according to your preference.
  •     Simple ways to integrate with other systems as well.


  •     Extremely costly.
  •     Source code is locked here, so that restricts the options of experimenting with the website.
  •     Customization procedures can be quite confusing for many people.

Open Source eCommerce Platform.

The open source ecommerce services are an affordable option and quite fruitful for the small scale businesses as well. Since the framework is inbuilt in the system, the platform is quite user-friendly. Also, it is extremely affordable.

There are multiple options when it comes to choosing open ecommerce platforms.


One of the highly utilized open source ecommerce services platforms is Shopify. It provides a comprehensive range of facilities to users and is extremely affordable as well. It supports multiple channels like Flipkart, Amazon and also provides full support to the users in all aspects of its functionality. 


  •     User can sell multiple products on numerous channels.
  •     User can earn money via the Shopify Buy button.
  •     Efficient website performance.
  •     Affordable charges.
  •     Facilities to make the store wide enough.
  •     Full support on the entire working aspects of the platform.


  •     There are no options for email hosting.
  •     Applications are only available at higher costs.
  •     Not many advanced features are available.

The cost of Shopify depends on what plans you opt for. They offer three sorts of plans, all differing in prices.


This is another option available under open source ecommerce services platforms, which is quite a profitable option to open business as well. Magento involves a community of developers, designers, bloggers, product managers, CEOs who are very actively taking part in the forum. 

This community is one of the most profitable reason to opt for Magento – the community members will guide any person through any problems and provide instant solutions as well. 

Magento enables you to perform a high quality task by consuming a limited amount of resources. Also, Magento enables you to multitask, which is one of its major pros.


  •     An innumerable number of options to perform high quality tasks.
  •     Multitasking possibilities.
  •     Provides support from the inbuilt community.
  •     Provides utmost flexibility in terms of managing the website.
  •     Provides SEO friendly facilities.
  •     Enables the user to use on smartphones as well.


  •     Time consuming.
  •     Not affordable.
  •     There is a limited number of developers present.
  •     Hosting has limited options in Magento.


This is another option in the open source ecommerce platform and enables the user to enjoy multiple facilities to inculcate. It is easy to use and also provides an all-in-one solution within a very affordable price range.


  •     Presence of multiple channels.
  •     Affordable prices.
  •     All-in-one solution.
  •     Secured working facilities.
  •     High quality store performance.


  •     Extra charges required by potential users.
  •     The prices of the themes are quite expensive.
  •     Theme editor is pretty complicated to use, especially for the beginners.

It can be concluded that Bigcommerce is an amazing option for small scale business but bigger organizations that are generate quite a lot of revenue and profit should stay away from Bigcommerce, due to the unnecessary money they need to pay for being a potential user.

Woo Commerce

Another good option to choose among the open source ecommerce services platforms is WooCommerce. It is completely free, so anybody who plans to use it can alter its code. The entire theme of WooCommerce is customizable, so the user gets full flexibility in the usage of the platform.


  •     Secured experience.
  •     Free facilities.
  •     Active community present.
  •     Flexible to use.
  •     Full customization possible.
  •     Affordable.


  •     High quality performance requires extra payments.

It can be concluded that if you plan not to spend much money, then Woocommerce is definitely a great platform to go for. For the large scale companies who plan to invest money, they should inculcate better options.

Custom Ecommerce Website Design Services

When you plan to step your foot into the online business sector, you need to do the basics very efficiently. One of such basic things is putting special attention into your custom ecommerce website design.

Making your website user-friendly, easily navigable and also compact is really important. Your website makes your online presence stronger, as it acts as a representative of your business agendas and principles. This is why making it up to the mark is really important.

Clients are always attracted towards websites which are easily navigable and also websites which look good. Shabby looking websites with extremely slow loading pages are something nobody wants to go through.

While you plan to take ecommerce services, you should always try and go through as many possible templates as you can. Always settle for the template which looks good and is able to contain all the necessary information about your company and its products.

Use logos and tabs in order to make the whole website easily navigable and also presentable. Full customization is one thing you need. This will enable you to create the template according to your convenience.

Paying attention to the appearance of the website is not enough. You also need to take care of the whole aspect of the working capabilities of it as well. A slow loading website is going to hamper the user experience of your clients totally. 

Nobody has got the time to sit and wait for a page to load, especially when there are so many other options available.

UX design is a part of your website designing, which requires a higher amount of attention. The user experience, or UX design, involves all the prospects of designing the website in order to make it presentable and also enhance the user experience of the company’s targeted clients.

It involves a lot of activities like integrating and selecting products to be displayed, choosing fonts, photographs, branding, designing the overall display of the website and a lot more.

A UX designer will listen to the clients’ requirements; evaluate what is going to be the best for their website and also how it will help in attracting the maximum amount of clients as well. After that, they will set up a final design and ultimately turn it into a proper prototype of the website.

User experience design plays quite a quintessential role in the enhancement of your company as a brand in the online world. It influences the traffic and your profit to a huge extent as well.

The UI design is another aspect of the overall website development in ecommerce services. People often get confused between UI design and UX design. User experience design is more about covering all the aspects of the website which takes care of the branding, designing as well as the working capabilities of the website, so that a maximum number of clients visit the website and makes a purchase.

On the other hand, user interface design or UI design is somewhat the mastermind behind the user experience. User interface deals with the outer appearance of the website. 

Like how the website will display the contents present in it, how it will try and engage the maximum number of clients, how long it will take to load the pages and a lot more. 

It is basically the component that manages the technical aspects of ecommerce services.

What Are Web Store Migration Services?

There will be a time when you will excel in your business and will make the decision of going further, make your business better and take it to the next level. 

You can change your web hosting facilities, opt for new ecommerce services change your domain name and a lot more in terms of enhancing your business. This is the time when you will require basic knowledge about web store migration facilities or services.

It can happen that the facilities your web hosting services are giving you are not satisfactorily doing justice to your business, pages or your website is taking a lot of time to load, and the whole user experience is getting hampered. 

This is the time you definitely need to change your web hosting services. You need to shift your website or store to a new platform.

This might sound like an impossible or an extremely tough thing to do, but it is nothing of that sort.

Web store migration can be of the following types:

Domain change

Once your business starts flourishing, you will need to change your domain name. The domain name change is required for enhanced marketing of your business and better sales of your products.

Site shifting

Often it might happen that the services provided by your web host is not good enough, the ecommerce platform you are utilizing to showcase your brand is not being able to generate enough revenue or clients are finding it difficult to get access of your store, you might need to migrate your site at that time to save your business.

This is not a very daunting task. All you need to do is find a new platform who will fulfil the criteria of your business and migrate accordingly.

There are ecommerce services that provide clients with all the migration support they need to take their business from one platform to another.

Application configuration and customization in ecommerce

The requirements of your online store will change as you enhance as a brand. They generate enough traffic and evolve as a better brand will keep changing. Your web hosting platform will not be able to provide all of it in a comprehensive manner.

Taking help of third party ecommerce services providers will become a major thing at that time. The application of external features to enhance the functionality of your store will be extremely helpful.

Further incorporation of fruitful features which makes the user experience and overall appearance of your website is also possible by the help of customizing your site’s features via third party ecommerce services.

There are multiple options available in terms of customization which the ecommerce services provider will guide you through and figure out the best for your purpose as well.

Integration: integrate your ecommerce solution and third-party applications.

While you create your website or online store by taking ecommerce services, there can be situations when you will not get all the aspects and features to upgrade your site from them. 

For example, you might need tools to enhance the interface of your website or make it run quicker. At that time, you will need to take help from third party ecommerce services providers. 

These providers tend to supply certain features to the websites which they lack instead of providing a comprehensive range of services. These third party companies make sure the process of integration is done effortlessly and ultimately provide you with the desired speed and results which the website was lacking.

The add-ons or extensions that are taken from the third party vendors will definitely charge you extra, but they enhance the whole functionality of the website.

ChannelAdvisor is a popular media which companies utilize to sell their products on well known ecommerce sites like Amazon, eBay etc.

The service add ons of ChannelAdvisor is a great help for companies who do not get the maximum amount of traffic. It has integrations linked with other ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce etc. as well.

Ecommerce Testing Services

Do you want a website which fails to generate the desired amount of traffic and provides a horrible user experience as well?

No, you definitely do not want to experience any of such things after spending so much money on ecommerce services. 

To stop any of such discrepancies from taking place after you launch your ecommerce store, ecommerce website testing is performed. 

Read more=> E-commerce Testing Services
Read more=> Software Testing Services

It involves checking the entire functionality of the website thoroughly, how it appears to the clients, how much time it takes to load the pages and how much time is taken while the transactions are carried on. All of these things are checked multiple times to find out any error before it is launched officially.

Why is performing eCommerce website testing is important?

No matter what is the condition of your business, small or big carrying on a thorough ecommerce website testing procedure should be done without fail. This will make sure when you launch your website or store it is perfect in all its aspects and does the job perfectly as well.

For example, after launching your website you see the products’ pictures are not displaying while viewers are zooming in or it is taking too long to load the product pages, it will be too late to go back and make it alright again. 

Hence conducting an ecommerce testing is very important. Any of such small disputes will be detected beforehand only. Hence when your website will hit the online world, it will be perfect throughout.

What are the complications associated with e-commerce testing?

Website testing is definitely a quintessential task that demands to be done for getting perfect outcomes from your ecommerce website, but there are multiple challenges which make the testing procedure not quite easy for the companies.

While performing the testing, it is not possible to understand the viewer’s psychology, hence what looks good to the company owner while the testing is done might not look good to the viewer. Preferences vary from person to person. This is why carrying on ecommerce testing might not always bring the perfect outcomes.

The whole process is also very tedious and costs quite a lot, hence for the small scale companies, it becomes an issue of affordability too.

Aside from that, there are higher chances of being hacked while the testing procedure is carried on.

We at Apphawks understand how ecommerce services play a quintessential role in the profit generation and ecommerce website testing is one of our strongest fortes. 

Ecommerce Solution Support

Getting your own ecommerce website enables you to reach out to your targeted audience easily. It also helps in maintaining your business pretty smoothly by bringing the maximum amount of profits if the correct tactics are applied.

Ecommerce might be a quintessential part in conducting a successful business, but understanding all its aspects is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence ecommerce solution support is really needed.

It is important to choose a company providing ecommerce services which possess an active customer care service as well because anytime there can be a complication and solving it all on your own is not going to be possible.

Internet is the best platform to connect with people. If you plan to bring attention to your company from international clients, then there is nothing better than taking help of the internet. An ecommerce website is going to be your step towards building up a successful business name.

It is really important for all the small scale businesses and startups who are struggling hard to gain recognition and profit from their targeted client forum to get their own ecommerce website by availing the best possible ecommerce services.


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