Software Testing Company As A Partner. What’s The Point?

07 January 2020 Grzegorz Klos

If you came across this article you probably consider, less or more, cooperation with the software testing company.

I’m not going to give you objective truth. I am the Co-Founder of a QA company, so I will present my point of you view of why it would make sense or not look for a third-party vendor. That’s fair to be clear about it.

Testing Outsourcing – Fear Of The Dark

During the conversations we had with potential clients, the first call was always about their technical needs. Over and over again, we were being asked about the same things before we signed up for the agreement. And that’s ok. 

Founders and Product Leaders, they all have similar fears about cooperation with the software testing company.

There are many doubts and many questions:

– Why choose a Polish software testing company?
– What is better: a company as a partner or a freelancer?
– Are we still going to have an excellent cooperating team with external QA Engineer/s?
– How to start with a third-party provider if we didn’t have any QA processes before?
– Are we going to have to deliver testing documentation to them?
– How to manage the development process and how to track bug reporting?

Often we are one of a few validated vendors by startups and businesses. Each of them has their style and rules of cooperation. 

I am not sure if we are exceptional with our answers. Maybe we are giving boring arguments, just like everybody. Who knows? 🙂

In today’s words, we all use the same set of tools to communicate and software development methodology (which is often something between Scrum and Kanban). And we can all check our competitors to copy fresh ideas into our company services or sales-marketing approach. 

Being exceptional ain’t easy.

Software Testing Company from Poland or Where?

I want to raise some crucial issues for decision-makers.

Let’s start with the first question I listed above: Why choose a Polish QA company?

I’ve read tons of articles on this subject, and most of them crossed the good taste of advertising. The point is that they are full of arguments, but even the slightest case against is missing.

I am writing this article from Poznan. And yes, there are hundreds of talented people here and across Poland. However, gifted people are almost everywhere. 

I think most European startups and businesses pick up Polish companies as their outsourced partner because we are around the corner, and we have developed a global reputation of reliable specialists in the IT industry. I guess, for good reason.

When technical human resources are running low, Poland can be the right direction. It’s easy to have daily standups with hired software testing agency.  A flight from Paris, London or Berlin to Poznan only takes from one to just a couple of hours. And that’s a huge advantage.

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Even for clients from the ES time zone (New York, Boston, etc.).

source: Airport Poznan

In the market, there are a lot of Asian companies, mainly from India. In terms of numbers – companies from India enter the world markets very boldly. Great job!

It’s hard to criticize their knowledge and quality of service. Indeed, the time difference and distance between India and the USA/Europe can be problematic.

Sometimes at Apphawks I work with companies and freelancers from India but in other areas such as SEO support. Especially in those where an email exchange is enough from time to time.

Testing is a process, continuous communication with the client’s development team is crucial. I see that our QA Engineers, when they are in the projects, are constantly in touch with our clients. There is always something to talk to about with software developer or Product Owner. 

Lack of time difference helps to avoid congestion. As a CTO, Head of Product or Founder, you have to decide what is crucial for you. 

How would you like to run Sprints with outsourcing QA Engineer or QA Team? I prefer to be in close touch with our clients.

Software Testing Company vs. Freelancer

Let’s face another question. 

Decision-makers often want to validate more than one option. Naturally, they consider Freelancers as good assets for the in-house team. The cost might be lower, and they don’t have to sign any QA Agreements.

So, why software testing company are better than Freelancers? Good question.

And I have an honest answer without the fluff. I consider my QA company as a team of Freelancers (even if they’re not), and they, as a team, can face all the different technical challenges our clients have.

The team has this added value, which is intellectual ferment or brainstorming. So yes, clients will get, for example, one QA Engineer, if they are interested in Body-Leasing, but he has our support and our QA knowledge. They are going to buy not just the experience of one man, but of the entire company.

At Apphawks, we have an internal Slack channel where we discuss some technical problems. That way, the process is much faster and more efficient. Generally, by having internal QA talks, we can improve and speed up everyone’s work.

What is better for almost the same price?

Many exceptional Freelancers are expensive, and they like to work with many shorter projects. With software testing company, you will have a feeling of stability, because we are not going to cancel the contract in the middle of deployment when your customers or investors are waiting for a significant release or bug fixing.

If you are working with Freelancers, it’s hard to know what they do at their home. With our Technical Co-Founder, we have an eye on our QA Engineers because we work from one office. 

I’m not talking about control or distrust. We see what they do, how focused and how engaged they are. We can openly talk about bottlenecks and issues. In our office, we find solutions to those problems to keep ourselves motivated.

There is one more argument – reputation. For a company, it’s effortless to ruin a reputation. Delivering services as a company is a huge responsibility. A company has more to lose. We want to grow as our clients, that’s why we’ll do everything in our power to make customers happy.

QA Process With Testing Company

The last four questions are basically about the process.

You are not sure how to start with an external partner, how you will be working with QA or QA team. You are not sure who should provide testing documentation and finally how to manage it all.

Usually, we have two types of clients’ expectations:

The first group of clients needs QA Engineers(s) in their startups or businesses. They have full control over the hired personnel, and they decide how they like to work. They treat Apphawks’ QA Engineer(s) as a member of their team and “family.” 

They often have daily standups and excellent personal relationships. It’s called Body & Team Leasing. A hired person always has our technical backup, but now he/she is your employee.

Check Out Our New Testing Services Plans

We have the right testing plan for Startups, Businesess and Enterprises.
You can start from 10 to 100+ hours weekly.

The second group of clients expects us to take full responsibility for quality assurance in their project. It’s called Project-Based Outsourcing. So, in the beginning, we set up the scope of cooperation. Usually, it’s 60 hours weekly. 

We assign each project a “face” on our part. For example, Adam will be the leading Tester with the support of other team members.

Because we take responsibility for the quality, we set the testing plan ourselves. We prepare documentation and work. We carry out manual and automated tests. We make an accurate report of what we have been working on in a given month. 

In this case, Founders or Product Leaders, have more time to develop the project further, instead of managing the delivery team.

In both cases, in the beginning, we have to check what’s under the hood, so we do manual testing and write test cases. After we’re familiar with the app, we’ll write code and run automated tests, including regression. 

In both cases, we have to set up tools for communication (Slack) and platform for bugs-tracking (Jira). We will set with the client his priorities and urgent needs at the beginning of cooperation.

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Conclusions About Software Testing Providers

To sum up, if you want non-binding quality support, go with Freelancer. If you are looking for long term on-going collaboration, go with a software testing company. 

If you know how to manage the development and testing team, go with Body-Team Leasing. You will add extra resources to your company. 

If you don’t have any testing process or QA experience at your company, go with Project-Based Outsourcing. 

If you like to have stand-ups, tight relationships with third-party vendors, and if you want to work in a similar time zone, pick up Polish software testing companies. 

If you are looking for the best price, go with Freelancers or Asian companies.

If you still do not know what’s best for you, schedule a call with me and our Technical Co-Founder. Together we will figure out the best approach for your product.

Feel free to send us an email to schedule a call.


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Outsourcing Software Testing Services

22 November 2019 Apphawks

What does it mean to outsource testing?

Outsourcing is the process in which a project or a part of a project is given to an external entity to be completed on behalf of the enterprise. 

QA or software testing is one such area that is outsourced to professionals so that the developers of the enterprise can continue to work on developing new features and applications. 

Also, by outsourcing the testing services, enterprises can ensure that their product will be tested by the most experienced and skilled professionals in the industry.

Testers can be included as a part of the project or their services can be outsourced through independent companies or freelance testers. 

Enterprises that are planning to Outsource Testing services should carefully weigh and consider the following factors before hiring a company for the task.

Outscource Testing factors:

Short Time Period

Many times enterprises spend more time on the development process and have very little time left to test the application before the launch date. At this stage, enterprises will find it easier to outsource the project to expert QA specialists who can manage the workload in a restricted time frame.

One-time Project and Lack of Skilled Employees

There is no point in hiring QA specialists if the application is going to be a one-time project. It will be cost-effective to outsource the testing process to skilled and experienced testers who freelance or to the companies that provide independent testing services.

If the employees of the enterprise lack the testing skills, training them for the task doesn’t make sense, especially if the enterprise doesn’t take up such projects regularly. Hiring new employees for the purpose is also a cost-intensive and unnecessary step in such situations.

Cost Saving On a Long-term Project

There is no denying that outsourcing is a cost-effective method. The proof of this statement lies in the number of companies that provide outsourcing services to various organizations.

A contract with a third-party service provider is more effective than maintaining an internal team of experienced QA specialists. A small team of experts is easier to handle and coordinate when compared to a large internal team with various personalities.

Area of Expertise (of QA Specialists)

Enterprises should check the credentials, work experience, and types of testing services provided by the company before outsourcing the project to them. The broader the testing services and projects handled by the company, the better the offered services will be.

Always ask questions about the previous projects, the success rate, the problems they faced during testing and how they have been solved, etc. to get a comprehensive idea about the company.


The requirements of the projects keep changing accordingly. The selected company should be able to adjust the resources to suit these requirements. The company should have enough QA specialists to effectively handle a huge project and deliver results on time without a reduction in the quality of the software.

Required Infrastructure

Data security is a vital aspect to consider when outsourcing a project. The project information has to be kept confidential at all times. Enterprises should inquire about the measures the company takes to keep the data safe. Also, the versions of the hardware used, network conditions, servers, etc. should match the requirements of the project.

Major factors such as cost, services, experience, and scalability should be kept in mind when deciding on an outsourcing partner for the project. 

The companies also act as a near-shoring QA partner where the outsourcing is carried out in a relatively close country or location when compared to off-shoring services.


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Does Quality Assurance Outsourcing Really Make Sense?

29 August 2019 Apphawks

Quality Assurance Outsourcing is an arena which is facing a humongous amount of advancement. 

A while ago the practices and requirements in outsourcing work were different. 

Companies were taking work for the sake of getting them completed within an assigned period of time. With time the emphasis on QA increased exponentially for better business growth. 

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The priorities of the outsourcing are changing.

This section of the industry is still growing, it has got a long way to go.

IT Outsourcing Trends for 2019

The IT outsourcing industry is sector facing a humongous amount of change in terms of upgradation. As technology is advancing the IT outsourcing methodologies are evolving.

The IT sector is arena which faces a comprehensive amount of advancement on a daily basis. As technology is advancing, IT outsourcing trends are advancing too. 

IT outsourcing enables you to get access to benefits, which alone a company can never get.

So if you are still not sure whether IT outsourcing is a alternative for you, then here are few trends you should know about. 

More focus on procuring quality rather than reduction of cost

Outsourcing is definitely one of the major ways to save costs, but in current days, people’s priorities are changing. Clients are no more focusing on saving their finances when getting help via IT outsourcing companies. 

They are demanding higher quality end results from them.

This is leading to a lot of changes in the industry and also enhancing the demand for outsourcing. 

Companies are getting encouraged to work further and deliver better results as the clients’ are modifying their requirements. 

It can happen that a particular company does not have enough number of IT professionals to get a particular work done associated with software development. 

This is the time they seek the help of outsourcing to fulfil the gap they have created due to the lack of certain requirements.  

Getting acces to multiply IT outscourcing providers

Previously the outsourcing work used to be done via only one provider. Whatever was needed to be done used to be completed with the help of a single provider. But in recent days, due to the increasing numbers of demand, there is an emergence of multiple vendors.

single-vendor outsourcing

 Source: Deloitte

The latest trend seen amongst the clients seeking help from IT outsourcing companies is that their preferences over seeking help from multiple outsourcing companies. This enables them to get the desired amount of efficiency, and the end results are undoubtedly of the best quality.

A single company may not possess every tool you need in order to complete a project. Seeking assistance from multiple outsourcing vendors is always a great choice.

The emergence of multiple outsourcing companies

Previously only a certain number of countries specialized in providing outsourcing services and possessed best IT professionals as well like America, China, India etc. 

Recently numerous other underrated countries like Poland, Romania, Bulgaria are also emerging as a prominent name in the outsourcing industry by providing clients top notch quality services in software development. 

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Major change in contract making

Previously companies only emphasized on getting non-core business works done via outsourcing. This was mainly because of the lack of commitment of the outsourcing companies to deliver quality results and also because people were more focused on saving money rather than getting quality services.

But now as the working protocols of outsourcing, companies are changing people’s way of seeing them are also changing. Now companies are outsourcing their major core business work, which requires extreme efficiency and accurate end results.

Usage of intelligent automation instead of manually automating work

The work in IT outsourcing definitely requires higher accuracy, which the companies could understand that manual automation processes cannot provide. Hence there is a drastic inclination seen in the usage of the intelligent automation process.

The intelligent automation processes involve the working of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation as well. These are undoubtedly more efficient than manual automation processes since the accuracy level is higher and the time period needed to finish it is smaller than what is actually required.

The usage of IoT

IoT or Internet of Things is one aspect which is the mastermind behind, making everything smart in the technological world. The usage of the same in IT outsourcing is one step towards achieving more accuracy in the work. 

This has led to the emergence of numerous web applications and software, which is making the IT outsourcing work hassle-free and comprehensive as well. 

More emphasis on maintaining secured grounds

With all these advancements in the field of IT outsourcing, one thing that is also elevating are the probabilities of cyber hacking. Security is at stake, the more we indulge in technology.

To nullify such risks, IT outsourcing vendors are taking special care and providing utmost assurance to their clients to keep their personal data safe and encrypted as well.

The emergence of skilled IT professionals

Due to such an immense amount of demand in the IT outsourcing arena, numerous people are getting encouraged to take up this as a profession as well. The industry is getting innumerable skilled IT professionals who are again benefiting the industry itself.

Better job prospects in the industry

As demand is increasing the job prospects in the IT outsourcing industry is also elevating. This is quite an amazing opportunity for people to plan a strong career in this line.

Due to the dependency on outsourcing, it is for sure that the number of job prospects in this industry will only increase in the upcoming years as well.

The IT outsourcing industry is one such arena which faces some drastic amount of modification with time. Every day some new prospect is coming up, the demands of clients are also changing as technology is advancing and to keep up in the business each outsourcing company have to keep incorporating every new element that is coming up as a trend.

This activity or practice might be a little challenging for the small startups, but this is never going to cause them any negative outcome for sure.

Top trends in Quality Assurance and Testing

Just like IT outsourcing, Outsourcing QA and Testing is also two arenas which are seeing some new trends in 2019. 

Let’s put some light on this matter and see what the latest trends in Quality assurance and testing in 2019 are.

Focus on quality engineering rather than quality assurance

The priorities of companies are changing. In software testing, people are no more looking for quality assurance rather than that they are emphasizing on achieving quality engineering. Getting access to top-notch quality services in terms of end results is all that clients require now. Hence there is a drastic inclination seen towards procuring quality engineering in this sector as well.

The emergence of Agile and DevOps

Time management is quite an issue in achieving perfect end results in software testing; hence, there is a drastic inclination seen in the testing companies on choosing applications like Agile and DevOps.

Both of these are efficiently reducing the time period in between the initiation of the work and ultimately achieving the end results.

Automated testing

For utilizing DevOps, automated testing is definitely required. 

Companies need to search for alternatives to replace manual testing, and automated testing is the best option for that. Automation in testing still has got a long way to go. 

There are a lot of better opportunities if all the companies start emphasizing on performing automated testing. Some of the well know tools in automated testing are Selenium, Katalon etc. 

These are being extremely useful in current situations, but if more effort is given in making good use of automated testing then better tools will definitely come up. 

But for now, many companies are utilizing automated testing as a part of DevOps application in order to achieve faster and accurate testing results easily.

Usage of artificial intelligence in testing procedures

Artificial intelligence was nothing new in the industry of software development, but recently, it has started influencing the working capabilities of quality assurance and testing as well.

AI or artificial intelligence is undoubtedly one of the most useful discoveries made in this world to cut off extra pain associated with any work, and software testing is nothing exceptional here as well. The utilization of artificial intelligence in software testing is bringing quite a lot of betterment in the process.

Artificial intelligence algorithms are providing better test results, better test cases and also are also to detect risks and faults earlier in the process of testing so that necessary steps can be taken in order to procure the perfect and appropriate results ultimately.

Artificial intelligence’s usage still has got a long way to go to make a strong place in the place of software testing. Many companies are still skeptical of using because they think it might be quite complicated to understand and work with. Hence proper education and awareness is needed to spread the utility of artificial intelligence and machine learning as well.

Mobile automated testing

The process of mobile automated testing is again an aspect which is helping the procedure of testing to a great extent. Smartphones are anyway more handy and useful. Also, access to a smartphone is nothing unusual in current days.

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Mobile automated testing is also going to help out in cloud computing to a huge extent. Mobile automated testing is a growing trend in software testing because it efficiently limits the time period and is demanding for more number of tools and facilities to enhance its working capabilities.

The collaborative approach between cloud-based mobile devices like Kobiton and automated testing tools like Katalon can help in enhancing the condition of mobile automation testing procedures as well.

The amalgamation of tools as well as activities

A testing tool which is not being integrated with other tools utilized for application of lifecycle management will always be harder to utilize in the process of testing. This is essential because integrated tools help to gather multi-sourced data so that better implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning can be performed.

The requirement for quality engineering rather than quality assurance

Quality assurance now is losing the requirement; rather, clients are more inclined towards getting better or quality engineering in their software testing projects. The responsibility under quality engineering is more than what is needed under the work of quality assurance.

This inclination is bound to incorporate better engineers in the team of the testing companies to provide their clients with top notch quality services.

Continuous testing is evolving at a fast pace

One of the most beneficial trends seen in 2019 in the testing procedure of outsourcing companies is continuous testing. In software development detection of risks in the early stage is really essential, testing companies in current days are emphasizing on doing that because it helps in finding out the flaws in the project and also brings out more accurate test results.

Continuous testing creates a massive impact in the end results of the software testing procedure, and hence, it should be undoubtedly adopted by all the companies working in this field.

Adaptable nature amongst the testers

Among all the new trends that are setting in the testing procedures, particularly in software testing one of the major changes that is seen in the tester companies is their willingness to adapt themselves to the changes happening around them.

They are evolving as the environmental conditions in the industry are changing; they are enthusiastically incorporating new skills and techniques to bring out the best possible results at the end of the testing procedures. Software testing especially demands higher quality and accurate end test results, which the tester companies are efficiently providing them.

Better opportunities as a career option

When DevOps came out the future of software testing was facing a bit of complication, but now as we see how things are evolving and changing in the industry, we can conclude the fact that software testing is going to grow further and undoubtedly going to make profitable career choice as well. 

Due to the incorporation of newer aspects in the field of testing new skilled people are also needed. This is making a good reason for many people to come and join the industry and make a strong career out of it. 

Software testing companies are currently going through quite a lot of dynamic changes as technology is developing. This change is even though inevitable to happen since the Internet is  joining more people. 

If they do not move according to the evolving trends, they will be left behind in the game. 

Statistics in favour of Software Testing

Software Testing is facing some immense amount of changes which can be represented in statistical terms for better understanding. 

App users give up application utility after one day of using them

In surveys conducted, it is seen that less than 25% of app users give up the utilization of the later after a day. This can be because of the complications they face while using the apps or the lack of accurate results as well. Fortunately, this can be avoided by performing exploratory QA testing.

Only around 29% out of all the mobile app developers conduct exploratory testing

This is also one reason why mobile app users are gone after the first day of using the apps. Exploratory tests enable the developer to get an insight into the client behaviour associated with the app and how it is functioning as well. But unfortunately, only 29% of mobile app developers conduct them for real. This 

Companies get negative feedback from only 4% of unhappy clients; rest just does not respond

Most of the clients do not share their experience with the product, and this is applicable for every industry, not just QA. Out of all the unhappy customers, only 4% make time to share their experience. And the company remains in the dark about their failing product. 

Hence conducting exploratory tests are extremely important, especially to find out how your product is working and how the clients are behaving in correspondence as well.

Apps generally lose 95% of its users within three months of usage on an average

Losing clients within three months of usage is a common issue faced by app developers according to Quettra. This is mostly because companies do not get testers to test their apps before releasing them into the market and ultimately, flaws remain undetected in them which fail to make users hooked on to the app.

Hence most companies require emphasizing on conducting software QA tests and also implementing testers to see how their app is working. Hence emphasis on outsourcing Quality Assurance is also increasing.

About 26% of the software development should be the QA Budget

According to the recommendation by the World Quality Report, software companies should maintain a QA budget more or less about 26% of the development. This is a universal recommendation to show what is reasonable in maintaining security, quality, and improvement in customer experience.

Reasons for Startups to Outsource Quality Assurance

According to Delloite Global Outsourcing Survey 2016, even though Quality Assurance Outsourcing is becoming quite a regular thing to opt for, there are many startups and smaller organizations that are still sceptical about seeking their help.

There might be innumerable reasons why they tend to do so; hence, we will focus on why every startup in current-day situations should invest in opting for Outsourcing QA.

If you are one of those startups who are still skeptical about outsourcing their projects, then here are some legitimate reasons on why you should do it immediately.

why do companies outsource


Cut on expenses

It might happen many times that a company will require a higher amount of resources in order to get a project done completely. Or there can be a situation where there are not enough people to carry on the completion of work, or there can be a shortage of tools needed for the development.

All of these gaps can be fulfilled if an Quality Assurance Outsourcing company is contacted. Outsourcing your project will save you from spending all that excessive amount of finances which you cannot afford not only that the outsourcing companies will take full responsibility of the work you assign them to do for you.

Enhances your focus in the integral business activities

Taking a burden of work which is not happening effortlessly will undoubtedly hamper your business to an extreme level. Outsourcing your projects via tester companies enables you to focus on your core business aspects and helps you to grow your firm as well.

The work which was creating such complication will be handled by the separate company when you plan to take help of outsourcing companies, and thus it will make you focus on your integral business aspects as well.

Manages capability complications

Every company is not expected capable of performing all the activities required to get a project done. There is always going to be some gap in the capabilities of a company. There can be a lack of manpower, skilled engineers or even lack of proper tools which are needed to be used for the testing of the project.

Outsourcing your project can be of great help in such complications. There are options to contact multiple vendors to get rid of such issues and achieve higher accuracy and efficiency in the completion of work as well.

Capability complications are one of the major issues which numerous companies face; outsourcing here plays a beneficial role in helping.



Helps in amplifying the service quality

The service quality is one of the newer aspects which the outsourcing companies are emphasizing on. Previously only the work was finished, and the companies did not take any responsibility for the work done, but now they assure now in providing quality work as well.

The quality which a company will achieve by working on their own is not of the level which an outsourcing company will provide. Taking help of outsourcing companies will undoubtedly enhance the quality work.

Access to talented IT professionals

No matter what the condition is of your team and what amount of efficiency it is delivering if you want higher efficiency then taking help from outsourcing companies is your best option. 

The outsourcing companies are upgrading themselves regularly and are recruiting professional in IT arena who are working very diligently to deliver top notch quality services to the clients.

Achieving an upgraded solution in testing of a project

The outsourcing companies always move according to the current trends taking place in the industry and hence, their work will be done with all the upgraded aspects that you need to get your work done efficiently.

They possess all the tools and upgraded features which you as a company may lack and it is not even possible to keep everything needed to complete the work. Hence getting help from an outsourcing company is going to be of great help.

Achievement of skilled workforce

It often happens when a company might not possess enough man power and skilled engineers to enhance the workforce such cases the business condition of the company is restricted, and it does not reach to the global audience.

Hence, to achieve a better workforce, outsourcing is an amazing option. This enables you to get access to extremely skilled IT professionals and other tools which ultimately delivers top notch quality end results effortlessly.

Invest time in building better business ideologies and strategies

While you let Outsourcing QA companies handle your business projects, you can invest more time in growing up as a company. You can invest time into enhancing your business ideologies and put more effort into building up better strategies in doing your business better in all fields.

Get hold of enhanced technological aspects

The outsourcing companies are incorporating better aspects in terms of technology and IT tools, which helps in making the whole process of outsourcing Quality Assurance easier and equally efficient.
A company who does not possess all the technical aspects which is needed to get the best possible end results can always take help from outsourcing companies.

As a matter for small startups, it is never going to happen that they will possess all the required aspects which will help them in achieving top notch quality end results. Hence outsourcing companies are a lot like saviours to them. Whatever gap is being created by them in their work completion requirement is filled up by the efforts given by an outsourcing company easily.

To jot down outsourcing Quality Assurance and testing will be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Quality Assurance Outsourcing and testing cut down the costs.
  • It will ensure an unbiased testing of the software. 
  • QA Outsourcing provides code security to software development companies.
  • When a company is outsourcing QA, it can help in identifying the risks and bugs at a very early stage. 
  • Quality Assurance Outsourcing limits the time taken to detect errors in the system.
  • When software QA and testing is out of the specialization area for the internal team, outsourcing Quality Assurance is their best option.

According to Delloite Global Outsourcing Survey 2018, the new trends are technology driving disruptive outsourcing – Cloud computing, Robotic process automation (RPA) and cognitive automation.

Does Quality Assurance Outsourcing Really Make Sense in 2019?

In this time when technology is making us so independent in every aspect, you might think that Quality Assurance Outsourcing might be nothing but wastage of money and time.

Cons of Outsourced QA Testing Services

But this is not at all a correct thing to assume. There are obviously pros and cons behind everything we do; outsourcing QA will also have certain cons; it solely depends on how we approach the utility of it. 

How we invest time in searching for the correct company and a lot of other aspects governs our experience with outsourcing quality assurance.

Pros of Outsourced QA Testing Services

Considering the beneficial aspects Quality Assuranse Outsourcing enable you to get access of upgraded tools in completion of our project. It helps in making time for you to focus on other aspects of your business, it also provides you top notch quality services from professionals.

One of the major benefits of Quality Assuranse Outsourcing is that your work is faster detection of flaws and risks in your project. 

The outsourcing companies have got a separate team assigned who will devote time in continuously checking the functional capabilities of your project. This will ultimately lead to early detection of risks.

Doing the same thing by the organization itself can be a daunting task. It will require a greater amount of manpower which the majority of the small startups will lack for sure. 

And another most legitimate reason to opt for Quality Assuranse Outsourcing is that the whole process is going to cut a lot of extra expenses from your budget. The amount charged by the outsourcing company itself is nothing compared to what you would actually spend if you plan to do the whole work on your own.

Also sometimes you might not possess the technical facility which might bring accurate end results in your project, affording such a thing again can cost you a lot so at that time an outsourcing company is your saviour.

The cons of outsourcing Quality Assurance are not many in numbers. Finding one which is reliable and providing transparent services is the only tough task you will face here.

By implementing the correct strategies and research, you can get access to a reliable and efficient company near you, hopefully.

Our promise

Here at Apphawks we believe in growing up together with our clients. Client satisfaction has been one of our major motivations behind serving people diligently and effectively.

We provide 100% transparent QA services to guide every client through every venture of  Quality Assurance Outsourcing. Our team of QA Testers are available throughout the working hours and are easily contactable. 

We believe in not discriminating in businesses. No matter if you are a small firm or a large organization, our team will put an equal amount of effort into helping you out.


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25 Tips to have a Successful QA Outsourcing

11 July 2019 Apphawks

QA Outsourcing activities has become a trend in IT  industry these days. The firms hire local or global businesses for finishing non-core tasks.

QA has been one of the most outsourced activities. Rigorous testing of software can be performed more professionally by a specialised organisation. 

Many companies will face trouble in covering the complete testing process. Many things may be left unnoticed. With specialised forces at work, the clients have one less activity to worry about. 

There are many QA Outsourcing providers available today. A business needs to choose the right provider according to its software type to harness the full benefits of QA Outsourcing

We prepared 25 tips to have a successful QA outsourcing. Let us look in detail at the list.

25 tips for an excellent QA outsourcing experience

1. Establish your objectives with outsourcing

First, understand your goals and expectations with Outsourcing Quality Assurance job. You cannot explain your requirements unless you know them first. The method is simple – collect a team of software experts in your organisation take out a notepad and write down all the testing requirements. Also, note down what are the essential characteristics that you need in outsource employee providers.

2. Plan your budget

Budget is an integral part of choosing your outsourced QA team. Define a rational monetary plan before going to search for outsourcing testing service providers. If your budget is high, you can seek services from developed countries with advanced technologies. Whereas, having a low budget will allow you to find inexpensive labour from developing countries that have reasonably acceptable technologies too.

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3. Choose the type of outsourcing agency

If you are hiring an international QA team or an independent one, then they will mostly work from their own office and communicate with you digitally. Foreign QA outsourcing can save you a lot of labour costs. However, if this option does not suit you and rips off too much control, you can go for an outsourcing company close to you, which provides its employees to the office. You will be receiving trained employees to work directly under you during the QA process. This allows personal supervision. But your business will first need to prepare for this kind of setup. You must have a skilled and disciplined manager who can keep a check on the new faces. 

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4. Hire a tech expert for communication with QA team

If your company is from a software background, communicating with the outsourcing agency is convenient and straightforward. You can maintain proper communications and showcase your knowledge to the new partners. However, if you are not from the software field, you should hire a technician who is well versed with the process. This shows professionalism and puts a good impression on outsourced QA team. Keeping a tech expert also improves your communications with partner firm and helps in understanding their queries and progress better.

5. Do not go blindly for the low rates

As a software company looking for QA outsourcing vendors, you will see different kinds of offers. Some offers can be meagre and economical. But it is to be noted that Low rates do not mean Low total cost. Hiring a cheap QA team can lead to reduced quality of work and untimely submission. You should run a quality check when you stumble upon a low priced service.  There can be several reasons for explaining the grounded price structure. One reason can be a lack of inexperience. Companies just starting in their career often use this pricing strategy. 

6. Experience matters while making the choice

We are talking about the experience from the start because it matters a lot in QA works. You cannot give instructions to Outsourced team for everything. They should incorporate some methods of their own and find out quality bugs proactively. All this is possible only with an experienced team. They can focus on critical areas of quality testing based on your business model. Having served major industries gives the team a lot of exposure to make profitable decisions for their clients. These benefits are not available with a team made up of newbie no matter how much skill they are.

7. Go for a managed service if repetitive jobs are available

Managed services keep a complete tab of your QA needs from a distance. You do not need to bring in any outsourced employees to your office. They will work from their tech-enabled environments and treat you as their asset. You become a permanent customer based on subscription. Managed Services are the best options if your QA needs are repetitive. If your company is rolling out products continuously and need extensive Quality Assurance activities, then managed services will prove better results than employing in-house workers. In a managed service, your QA management partner will have more freedom to implement the latest and will participate with enthusiasm as you are a long-term client to the service.

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8. Get a QA team that knows Agile Testing

Agile development is a revolutionary software development method. With dynamic and robust methodology, incorporating Quality Assurance and testing is often complicated and confusing. If your company follows agile software development, then choose a partner with agile development support. Their services should be on the same page as yours. Hire an outsourcing agency that can begin the testing work before the system is finalised. This is possible with agile testing support.

9. Consider the cultural differences

While choosing a distant QA team, you should get knowledge of their cultural practices. The festivals they celebrate, the holidays they will expect, their language barriers, and the work culture in their region are some of the relevant information you should check. A QA team can be flawless in skills, but a cultural and language incompatibility can break the deal. If the company cannot adapt to your way of work and your language differences, then it is not an ideal match for your business.

10. Always prepare an SLA before starting a partnership

Outsourcing an activity to other industry is a form of a unique collaboration. You should always sign legal documents defining the terms of the partnership. In the case of Outsourcing QA, you should draft a Service Level Agreement. This agreement protects both the participants from breach of information and stealing of ideas. Signing an SLA reduces risks and establishes trust between parties.

Additionally, the SLA also defines outlines of the project, deadline, and rules and guidelines. During the QA work, both parties can refer to SLA for clarification. Not to mention that SLA can serve as a valid legal document in court in case of any disputes.

11. Motivating teams is crucial

Giving more and more work to outsourced QA team can reduce their productivity. You need to motivate them once in a while. They are employees of some other firm, but they currently work for you. Treating them as your employees and providing moral boost will help increase productivity. Showing your appreciation is easy. Listen to their inputs with focus and give feedback simultaneously. Engage in meaningful discussions with the outsourced team, allowing them to showcase their knowledge. Provide up-to-date information updates for easing the work of employees. Tell the employees that they are doing a fantastic job. All this will subtly and continuously increase their satisfaction levels.

 12. Keep a tab on the progress

The QA team can often get derailed from their track when work from some other client arrives. Keeping a constant check on the momentum will keep them engaged with your work. Asking for progress reports puts healthy pressure on the outsourced team to keep the job on track. They improve their speed, reduce time waste, and put full effort into your project. However, it is essential not to disturb them too much. There is a fine line between checking on the progress and being over-worried about the progress. Keep the right balance of freedom and pressure on the QA team.

13. Know the working style before hiring

Get a complete report about how the team plans to work on the project. Asking questions about their operation methods will tell you a lot about the quality of the organisation. Professionalism can be seen in the report if their plans are up-to-date and giving promising results. A right outsourcing provider will be available to such questions. It will readily provide reports and will be excited to gain your trust and appreciation. Also, the questions you ask to them will help them understand your requirements and expectations better. You can ask about their business knowledge, working methods, and so on. You can even interview over a phone call as you are on the decision-making side and have control.

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14. Test the waters

You can still be unsure about your decision after hiring an QA outsourcing agency. There are several doubts in managers’ minds about credibility, speed, and work quality of the new partner. The one simple solution to test all this at once is to start small. Give a small project in the beginning, which can test the abilities of the QA team. A small project means something that will be difficult enough to show traits of the QA team and does not cause much loss to the company in case of failure. Such projects are difficult to find but useful for testing the testers.

 15. Get Samples and check portfolios.

Always ask for a portfolio of jobs completed by QA team. The portfolio features all the industries that receive services from the team. Having many MNCs and global leaders on the list is a sign of impressive and adaptable services. This is one of the most accurate judgment criteria. You can also ask for a sample QA work or QA report from the past. Mock reports and getting work done on simulated software are the best way to check the work techniques. However, do not bluff by giving actual work as mock. It is unprofessional and easily detectable.

 16. Only provide QA work to an outsourced team

You should keep the QA team focused on their niche work. Businesses often give extra work to in-house or foreign outsource teams related to development or coding. The team also accepts this work sometimes out of respect. However, they should only concentrate on QA work to prevent quality decline. Giving other work related to development can be very counterproductive. When the same team performs development and testing, it reduces the error finding ability. Thus, if you think of getting different types of jobs done through QA team, then you are harming your own business.

 17. Keep a focus on core activities

The whole purpose of outsourcing non-core activities is to improve core activities. The time available for managing the core activities increases. However, if you sweat too much about the outsourcing company, then it can remove the main benefit of outsourcing. While you check on the progress of the job, do not get engulfed in the QA work. You should be available to give instructions to the development and maintenance department too.

 18. Give Trust and Freedom

The focus on core activities brings us to trust part. The most time consuming and analytical part is selecting your QA outsourcing agency. Once you choose the right organisation after multiple tests, give your trust to them. Trusting your partners will reduce your interference in their work. You will be able to focus on essential jobs within the organisation. Trust gives a sense of freedom to the QA team, which allows them to incorporate innovative ideas for the QA process.

19. Access Continued Support from the company

You will need to make revisions in the software and perform quality testing again. There are many other instances when having support even after the end of the contract period is helpful and logical for your business. Do not forget to add a warranty or extended support clause in the agreements signed before hiring the company. A right QA outsourcing vendor will not have any issue in providing the same.

20. Set up communication platforms

In-house outsourcing is simple and allows easy communication. But when you seek foreign QA outsourcing, you need to be creative and proficient in setting up communication platforms. Using means like regular phone calls and text messages are unprofessional and expensive at the same time. You should establish networks like Skype, Face time, and Slack for real-time video calling. Video Conferences are the best way of communicating in businesses over long distances.

 21. Do not ignore home employees

As discussed earlier, your permanent employees may feel insecure and agitated when you outsource several business activities at once. It gives them a feeling of incompetence and brings down their self-confidence. When you decide to outsource an action, it is crucial to communicate the benefits to all employees. They should be assured that their jobs are not endangered. You should establish transparency in the organisation to prevent any doubt and confusion.

22. Make ownership clauses in Agreement documents

The SLA document prepared must include an ownership clause. The information about who will own the final product and role of the QA team in ownership of software should be cleared. The Outsourcing agency should also be informed about the intended use of the product. Future dispute cases require these clauses in the agreement.

 23. Be prepared for the worst

You can always wish for the best but have preparations ready for worst-case scenarios too. The partnership will end in good terms if communication and contract were, but sometimes adversities can lead to shutting down of partner’s business or unexpected delay in work. Keep several backup plans to get your software QA done in the office or through some other industry.

24. Send works and instructions in writing

Consider this as a way of protecting your interest by giving new instructions and change of plans in written form. It can be a digital file sent over mail, or a written document stating change in SLA. Always keep your business’s safety, above all. Written proofs will make your partner accountable for the mismanagement of their responsibilities.

 25. Mutual respect is the key to good relations

As you wrap up the project, it is profitable for both parties to part ways with good memories and experiences. The style of reaching a happy end is to give respect to the outsourcing company throughout the project. This involves respecting their time, providing timely instructions, and treating them as work partners and not employees. They will return the respect you give. Showing these kinds of professional mannerism will open gates for business works in future too. Spreading Goodwill never hurts a business

How working with software testing companies is beneficial?

●   Faster output to market 
Offshore testing, when combined with onshore team’s work, can drastically cut short the testing time cycle by half. This will double the efficiency and effort put without increasing the expenses.

●   Ensures high ROI
Any business is successful when there is adequate ROI (Return of Investment). Working with software testing companies has a high ROI. The labour cost is low and provides the same or higher quality testing services.

●  Provides space for Core Business focus
When software testing is outsourced, the onshore team can centralize focus on developing core business functions and also bring in additional projects.


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Software Testing Companies List: QA Outsourcing Providers in the CEE Region

05 July 2019 Apphawks

Software testing companies will validate whether your applications ultimately meet their technical and business requirements. Any business deserves quick service and response, you would expect ease of use, accessibility, usability, and performance.

The basic tests carried out by every software testing companies are functionality test, performance and load test, compatibility test, security test and user experience tests. 

The offshore testing services are best provided by those who offer a personalized approach to each customer. 

This requires that software testing companies are familiar with the client’s products, workflows and technology. This way any loophole can be rectified and also ensures that the application can provide end to end smooth workflow.

By now you have probably figured out how important software testing companies are when it comes to application testing service. With all that being said we present a list of qa services companies in the Central and Eastern Europe.

Software testing companies list in the CEE region

  • Apphawks
  • QA Madness
  • Oxagile
  • MS-IDI Ltd
  • QATestLab
  • SQA Service
  • Euro-Testing Software Solutions
  • Tesena

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Quality Assurance and Testing Services Providers in the CEE region



Apphawks provide cutting-edge, high-quality outsource software testing services to all clients. Apphawks provide QA Testers to resolve software testing challenges as the long arm of your startup or business.

A tester from Apphawks is assigned to your project full-time. You get an on-demand tester with high manual testing skills or automation skills. Apphawks offer middle/long-term relationships, continued improvements of your software & product. 

Industry: E-commerce, Media and Entertainment, SaaS, Finance, Healthcare and others.

Apphawks is a European localization company and deliver a wide range of QA outsourcing software testing to the clients who wants to have QA Partner from Poland.

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QA Madness has been providing software testing services to businesses around the world. With 60 QA specialists on board, they detect issues in software that might negatively affect its performance. 

QA Madness treat every project as their own. That is what helps them to build relationships with clients on trust, loyalty, and respect.



Oxagile is a leading-edge provider of custom web and mobile application development services with a focus on multi-platform video streaming and RTC solutions. 

Oxagile has been on the IT scene for over a decade now, and has successfully delivered more than 400 projects to companies in various industries, such as Media and Entertainment, eCommerce, EdTech, Advertising, Finance, Healthcare, and others.



QATestLab is a international company that provides a full range of software testing services. They offer different types of testing services: turnkey, functional, performance automated and security testing. 

QATestLab work with projects across different industries, including e-commerce, telecommunications, tourism, government, office facilities industry.

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MS-IDI Ltd. is the information technology (IT) company based in Latvia and focusing mainly on the European market. The main strategic directions of our company are IT outsourcing and enterprise resource planning (ERP) services. 

They apply individual approach providing each client with fully customized and personalized product development.


SQA Service

SQA Service is an independent software and systems testing consultancy. Offer a combination between professional SQA consultants with a state of the art methodology and an unique strategy proving the quality of our clients’ products. 

They services are end-user and performance oriented. SQA Service apply leading quality management methodologies to help clients deliver top quality solutions.


Euro-Testing Software Solutions is international software testing company providing managed software testing Services, testing outsourcing, application delivery services, application lifecycle management. 

Euro-Testing specialize in functional and non-functional testing, testing automation, security testing, testing management, testing infrastructure, turn-key testing teams, specialized testing trainings, testing audits. 

Czech Republic


Tesena offer testing services designed to enable testing to be more efficient and effective. Tesena can help clients to detect and prevent issues in IT systems. 

Tesena can also help to minimise risks, control costs and reduce time to market. They services are based on extensive practical software testing experience, backed by solid theoretical knowledge and a passion.

How working with software testing companies is beneficial?

●   Faster output to market 
Offshore testing, when combined with onshore team’s work, can drastically cut short the testing time cycle by half. This will double the efficiency and effort put without increasing the expenses.

●   Ensures high ROI
Any business is successful when there is adequate ROI (Return of Investment). Working with software testing companies has a high ROI. The labour cost is low and provides the same or higher quality testing services.

●  Provides space for Core Business focus
When software testing is outsourced, the onshore team can centralize focus on developing core business functions and also bring in additional projects.


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