End-to-End Testing in E-commerce

End-to-end testing in E-commerce is an important perspective. A very popular statement we hear today is that the internet is flooded with e-commerce sites!

Yes, that is true. With the help of advanced technology and creativity, e-commerce has carved a beautiful niche for itself in the digital world.

How are they popular?  The answer to that is not the attractive offers and visual appeal of the website. These do play a major role but the crucial factor is the seamless user interface experienced by the customers.

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Customers prefer sites that provide consistent performance and speed. To achieve this, developers rely on end-to-end testing of the application.

What Is The End-To-End Testing?

End-to-end testing is a technique, which tests an application from the start to end in a methodical manner.

The main intention is to validate the workflow of the application by simulating a real user circumstance.

Though this test can be performed manually, but automated testing is the most preferred choice. Automated testing is faster, more consistent, and cost-effective.

End-to-end testing in E-commerce

Before knowing the significance of testing e-commerce site, understanding of e-commerce site functionality is important. Unlike other sites, e-commerce sites have to provide a seamlessly flowing user experience to garner more traffic.

Imagine using an e-commerce site for making a product purchase. Your progress will resemble the following:

  • Go to the website

  • Sign up or Log in

  • Navigate through products of your preference

  • Read the descriptions, delivery date, and charge

  • Add the desired product to cart

  • Check for more products or click on ‘Check out’

  • Proceed to payment options 

  • Select the payment method

  •  If online payment - proceed to enter payment details

  • Click ‘Place order&rsquo

  • Confirm the order

  • Receive a confirmation mail

This progress will go without any interruption only if the website has a fully functional system. What the customer sees is the front-end of an enormous application with several subsystems and interconnecting applications.

To ensure the correct functioning and performance of the site, each and every component that contributes to the system has to be in sync.

The significance of end-to-end testing in e-commerce is to align all the contributing components into forming a correctly functioning application.

E-commerce sites have to be updated very frequently to ensure the best customer experience. These sites have to update every time a new product or offer is introduced.

Therefore, it is very difficult to validate the performance of the application just by testing the user front end or any functional elements.

E-commerce Testing Focus On

Disrupted Customer experience

Customer traffic is the main lead of any e-commerce business. If the website does not meet the requirements of the customer, then it will affect the business.

With end-to-end testing, the sites can perform smoothly, and according to the customer’s preference.

Delayed performance

E-commerce sites are prone to the sudden influx of customer traffics during discounts and offer sessions. A website that cannot handle heavy load will slow down the performance of the application which in turn will lose customers.

This will affect the reputation of the website along with its business. Websites with end-to-end testing will be able to glide through smoothly during such heavy traffic.

It will also ensure the website can handle such a future situation by recording actions.

Security concern

A very crucial aspect of e-commerce is ensuring security to customer data. A website with end-to-end testing will ensure that system security is not compromised.

It will also be able to handle the transaction of payments without hanging the system during the process.

Testing E-commerce Sites

As end-to-end testing is crucial for the smooth functioning of an e-commerce site, there are few essential things to consider while testing:

- Testing of complete user front-end as front-end is the face of any application, which customers use.

- Testing of the back end as it is the brain of the application

- Testing of middleware is essential as it plays a vital role in deciding the overall performance of the site. It is considered as the heart of the application.

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