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In the world of software development and QA, there are always a plethora of new tools, tricks, and trends to discover, follow, and incorporate into your daily workflows.

It sounds cliche, but it’s true: these new tools can have a great impact on the software development process, on bug reporting, and on strengthening the Developer - QA relationship.

We would like to propose arming yourself with a basic set of tools which will allow for a smoother cooperation between QA specialists and developers, making their tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

The list of software testing tools covers a wide variety of different uses and needs, everything from API testing, performance testing, test automation, bug reporting, localization tests, and much much more. That is why it is really important to discover, learn about, and implement the right tools to get a specific job done.

Jing – TechSmith
Jing Website

The screen-sharing power of Jing allows users to select an area of your screen and choose to create an image or video. That's the idea: letting others see what you are working on by quickly capturing an image or make a video. Then, you can either share (eg. with Dev) or save it as a part of the task/story/bug by uploading it online instantly or saving it for later on your hard drive.

And of course, your microphone can be enabled if you decide to record a video so you can narrate your video in addition to capturing the action on the screen.

recordMyDesktop (Ubuntu)
recordMyDeskop website

For GNU and Linux users, we recommend a similar screen capture and screencasting tool called recordMyDestop. It is a simple command line tool that performs the basic tasks of capturing and encoding with almost all of the same features as Jing. recordMyDestop offers the ability to record audio through ALSA, OSS or the Jack audio server.

It is worth mentioning the app’s great frame per second (FPS) rate. We all know that there are always UI bugs behaving differently -- moving or disappearing too quickly, making it almost impossible to document them all at the same time. With this app, that problem goes away, a huge advantage.


Jenkins Website

Jenkins is an open source continuous integration software tool which allows developers the ability to find and solve defects in a codebase. Some builds can be triggered after the other builds.

This tool helps developers to implement unit tests or testers to implement automated tests by running them in accordance with software builds. With some basic command line knowledge, a QA specialist can deploy recently developed changes into instances to proceed with tests. The builds can be triggered by committing them in a version control system.

Thanks to this automation tool, the deployment process is much easier, understandable and less painful to all of the site testers and developers. It not only integrates developers and QA work tasks perfectly but it also makes continuous integration process easy to understand for everyone.

Zephyr capture for JIRA
Jira Capture Website

Capture for Jira is a powerful testing tool which allows teams to easily provide visual feedback directly to the current sprint board or backlog. An essential tool for every development team using JIRA, it makes delivering quality software easier for PO-DEV-QA cooperation.

With this app, developers will have no trouble reproducing bugs and can spend more of their time fixing issues rather than trying to replicate them. On the other hand, the QA specialist will not waste time creating them while being empowered to give data-rich, thorough feedback at the same time.
Appetize website

For more versatility than just your own phone, this emulator app transforms any browser into a powerful rendering and testing tool. creates an iOS simulator to reflect your mobile app behavior on any iOS device precisely and offers an immediate stream on any browser giving developers quick and handy access to their code change histories.

The QA specialist can view the mobile device in action to quickly diagnose any problems, debug logs or record videos. The QA specialist and developer in the software process benefit by not having to go back and forward with small and obvious bugs. Overall, it is a versatile and useful app for demos, development and testing purposes.

Jira Website

Jira is the number one tool for the development process, making planning, tracking, reporting, and publishing enjoyable for everyone on your team. It is flexible in terms of designing and maintaining workflows for all of your product’s needs. With it, you can improve the process over time and integrates with other tools seamlessly (we even mentioned one in this article.)

Thanks to Jira, teams can organize work more efficiently based on and organized around the progress of on-going tasks. For certain on-going tasks, the app sports a feature called test sessions which will bring a new level of transparency to any cooperation and keeps everyone on the same page.

Sharing all necessary data such as information about designed and performed tests are always mutually beneficial for both sides.

Sometimes teams are working with outdated tools and they have never heard or used Jira. We think the organization is critical for healthy and efficient cooperations that is why this tool is so beneficial and we think it should be an obvious candidate for inclusion in your toolbox.

Postman Website

Postman might not have a direct impact on your cooperation but it definitely will help developers and QA specialists during the software development life cycle. Though the tool was designed for developers, it is beneficial for both.

A complete API development environment, with this app, developers are able to send requests, save responses, add tests, and create workflows.

Frequently, testers are required to perform an API testing and with an app like Postman this process becomes easy and it features a powerful and simple GUI, giving the ability to save the history of tested API requests, making reporting much easier.


We believe that thanks to the few software testing tools that should be in any toolbox, developers can figure out what's wrong and what needs fixing in just a matter of seconds. You no longer have to worry about time-consuming QA-Developer ping-pongs and it is also worth mentioning that these tools might help to improve your DevOps culture.

The right tool makes automation and monitoring easier to maintain and contribute to improving the whole process, two crucial characteristics of DevOps.

We use these tools plus plenty of other cool tools to make work more efficient and enjoyable.

If you would like to join our growing team or start a project, feel free to contact us.

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