Exploratory Testing For e-Commerce

Exploratory testing for e-Commerce has been an effective way to detect defects in the system instinctively.

Exploratory testing helps out in developing software which is devoid of any flaws and complications in its system. Not many QA Testers are keen towards utilizing exploratory testing. It is risky and requires a lot more effort as well.

In scripted testing, test cases are first constructed or scripted, and then they are strategically carried on. Exploratory testing for e-Commerce is conducted spontaneously. They are not preplanned and not scripted beforehand. 

In the article, we will focus on the aspects of exploratory testing for e-Commerce. Starting with the requirements in e-Commerce testing. We will focus on why it is really important to conduct testing for e-Commerce sites.  We will focus on how exploratory testing for e-Commerce can improve e-Commerce testing of projects, as well.

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While conducting exploratory testing for e-Commerce, there are multiple areas which people tend to ignore. Yet these are the points which decide whether exploratory testing is going to bring any fruitful result or not. We will be covering that in the next part, providing brief information about the places where testers should pay attention and verify the presence of bugs.

Ultimately we will focus on the best practices of e-Commerce testing. We will next focus on the testing techniques or steps of e-Commerce testing, followed by certain practices. We make sure these practices are considered as proper and effective ways to bring out flawless end results after conducting exploratory testing for e-Commerce.

Why is e-Commerce testing so much emphasized currently?

Maintenance of security

Ecommerce sites are a lot more demanding now. Clients are incorporating a lot of their personal information in their accounts on these eCommerce sites. 

So it is inevitable they will demand security of top-notch level. Hacking and all the scams of getting bankrupt are some of the most common issues which arise with the lack of security in the eCommerce sites. 

This can be controlled and nullified if proper testing like exploratory testing for e-Commerce is carried on before launching the project.

Degraded performance

This is something nobody wants from their site. Already the amount of competition is increasing to some other level, and everyday some new eCommerce site is stepping into the industry. 

To maintain a steady position by providing top-notch quality satisfaction to the clients is really important. Proper e-commerce testing is really important in order to know how the site is functioning overall.

How can you improve eCommerce project by opting for structured exploratory testing?

Ecommerce websites are prone to develop multiple issues that are mostly hidden. A structured way of examining these issues will never bring out the hidden complications. 

Structured exploratory testing for e-Commerce is really important as it brings our despair conditions or uncommon situations, which generally testers never inculcate while conducting their tests in a sketched manner. 

The vulnerability of an eCommerce site is increased when exploratory tests or spontaneous testing is carried on.

A structured way of testing restricts the ideas of a tester because the tests are previously planned. Hence there are chances of missing out certain points. In the case of exploratory testing for e-Commerce will not happen because it is spontaneous, and whatever is coming in the mind of the tester will be executed. And, the situations will also vary and not be preplanned.

What are the required steps to be taken in terms of exploratory testing for e-Commerce?

In terms of testing e-commerce websites, proper knowledge in eCommerce testing is needed, and also testing techniques should be known thoroughly.

Testing techniques should consist of the following steps.

  •     Functionality as well as Exploratory testing.
  •     Regression testing.
  •     Usability testing.
  •     Security testing.
  •     Performance testing.
  •     Compatibility testing.
  •     Third-party integration testing.
  •     A/B testing.
  •     Automation testing.

While covering structured exploratory testing for eCommerce, there are certain places that require special consideration. Specific areas that should be considered when planning forward to live testing. 

Structured exploratory testing for e-Commerce is also considered as live testing because it is spontaneously carried on without any previous planning.

What will happen when someone will try to log in?

What will the customers see when they log in, whether they will be seeing a hoarding containing certain news, or will they be directly connected with the home page? 

If the login details are wrong, will the customers get a verification option, or will they be redirected to the password changing option? 

This stuff is needed to be verified in exploratory testing for e-Commerce because it directly influences the user experience of a project and client satisfaction as well. If the homepage is taking too long to load or if there is no message popping after they have logged in, it is really important to be checked. Because these small aspects ultimately make a project seamless and provide ultimate client satisfaction as well.

Are your form fields users friendly and not time-consuming?

Before making your clients reach the final point, make sure the form fields are working efficiently. Make sure your system is asking for enough information not too much, not too less either. 

Do not incorporate unnecessary amounts of mandatory fields in the form. This will do nothing but kill the interest of your clients. That will ultimately make them lose their focus, and they might not make the final purchase as well. 

Make sure these aspects are functioning and not bothering the user experience at all. The information that requires to be filled in the forms before the checkout option comes requires to be hassle-free. 

Also, make sure all the payment options are functioning. Do not be biased in terms of payment options. Make sure a client paying through their credit cards gets equal advantages as the ones who are paying through online payment applications.

contact form

How is your app functioning on a mobile phone?

Versatility is really important when it is associated with an application. Not every person is going to browse it through their computers. 

There will be many people who will be comfortable surfing it through their smart phones. Hence it should be checked if the application is fully functioning on multiple media in order to become flexible enough to enhance user satisfaction and also not hamper the user experience.

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If an application refuses to function on the phone, it is cancelling a major number of potential clients of the company, and this is something which nobody wants to face.

What are the consequences after you leave the site and come back?

How much progress is made by the site itself after the client leaves it behind is really important to be verified? Whether the information typed in the forms is intact even if the page is left behind or if the information typed will be lost if the client leaves the page in between should be checked. 

Generally, clients are irritated if they are needed to fill the mandatory fields of an online form multiple times. Make sure your application retains the information which was filled in beforehand because no one has got the time to fill in the same spaces multiple times. 

This is necessary to be checked because before making a purchase if the applications ask for the same information every time, the clients will lose interest in checking out and purchasing the product ultimately. This is needed to be eliminated from the system in order to enhance your user experience of the software.

What could be incorporated into the system to make it better from a user's perspective?

As a tester, you might never find any complication or bug in the system of your project. But that is not the case in every scenario; sometimes despite not finding any bugs and declaring that the testing to be absolutely positive, a project does not perform up to the mark in the market. This is because it did not stand up to the user's expectations. Sometimes testers cannot predict what users are looking for unless they start evaluating the system's functions through a user's perspective only. 

While conducting exploratory testing for eCommerce, make sure you check the entire working features of the system through a user's perspective. Also, figure out what should be eliminated and incorporated in order to make it a lot better than what it is currently. 

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For this, you can go for conducting a random survey by asking your targeted clients what they look for in the application, what their requirements are, and how it will provide a one hundred per cent satisfaction to them. 

Keep in track of what your competitors are offering to their targeted audiences and try to go beyond them, try, and create something that stands out in the crowd. Then only it will be successful in all its aspects.

Check how the other elements are functioning.

It requires a sharp recognition power of a tester to know what is the small defects existing in the system of a project. There will be multiple minute defects in the function ability of a system. 

This requires to be identified while conducting exploratory testing for e-Commerce and should be eliminated accordingly, as well. Check the basics here; see if the software is properly interacting with the users properly, and check the test results and the algorithms as well. 

Go through all its aspects before declaring it, devoid of any complications and bugs.

What will happen after a targeted client completes their purchase?

This is really important because the majority of the companies tend to give up after the checkout or payment option is fulfilled by the clients. There should be a lot to keep in mind even after that. 

Whether they are receiving enough information about their product's arrival or if they are getting way too many emails after purchasing. 

Check if they are receiving multiple unnecessary emails or notifications, see if they are getting notifications about newly launched products or things they can try out. These small things evaluate the user experience to a great extent. 

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Giving the clients a chance of re-ordering or canceling their orders, also they should be able to write reviews and rate their purchases are some of the major yet basic things that should be checked. All in all, effort should be put to bring back the people who already made a purchase multiple times in the future.

Let's see some exploratory testing for e-Commerce practices which are best for achieving top-notch end results for your eCommerce site.

Have a plan about your tests but do not script them or make sure you thoroughly follow them. Have a prototype in your mind, and remember the areas where you have to check. Entire pre-scripted testing will restrict your thoughts while conducting exploratory testing for e-Commerce.

Do not attempt to go for rigorous testing; this will exhaust your possibilities of testing. The aims of exploratory testing for e-Commerce are not too high hence taking way too many steps to test in spontaneous testing.

Inherit proper observation skills in order to make better decisions while conducting exploratory testing for e-Commerce. Make sure the tests are properly conducted while proper situations are evaluated. Since exploratory testing for e-Commerce requires spontaneous thinking, sharp observation skills are really important.

Opt For Exploratory Testing 

...and see your eCommerce project stand out in the crowd.

Testing of eCommerce sites plays a quintessential role, and it is the same as how we check our final answer sheet before submitting it in an examination. We do this to see for the ultimate time whether there is any mistake in our performance. 

The same thing goes for e-Commerce site; testing helps in checking out for the ultimate time regarding the presence of any bugs in the system. 

At Apphawks, we provide top notch testing services through our efficient team of specialists. We provide 100% authentic information and guide every client through every venture of testing.

Already there are numerous eCommerce sites existing in the market. It becomes your ultimate requirement to stand out in the crowd and make your site the best or your application of top-notch quality. 

In order to gain the attention of your targeted clients and for this, conducting thorough exploratory testing for e-Commerce is really important. 

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