Performance Testing Of E-Commerce Applications

We all have more than one shopping application on our phone, and every day there is a new eCommerce company coming up selling something unique.  Due to such increment in the competition performance testing of e-commerce applications has become a significant step for all the eCommerce companies out there to bring out the best form in the market for their targeted clients.  

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Apphawks is one such name who has been specializing in providing the best possible guidance and assistance in performance testing of e-commerce applications. 

In this article, we will focus on the aspects of performance testing of e-commerce applications and elaborate a few steps in it as well. Starting with what performance of a mobile or web application actually is, we will see the actual definition of performance in the technical aspects.

Further, we will be focusing on the reasons why we should conduct proper testing of eCommerce sites and why performance testing is such an important issue for the eCommerce website. Next, we will be briefly discussing the steps of performance testing for eCommerce sites. 

We will see some of the important things that testers should consider while conducting performance testing of e-commerce applications are. 

What Is The "Performance" Of Mobile Or Web Application?

Performance of a mobile or a web application is basically its capability of performing all the functions which it is supposed to do flawlessly without causing any delay or complication. 

There are multiple aspects present in a single application which requires separate performance testing of e-commerce applications. Every part of a mobile application is supposed to be checked or tested, keeping in mind different criteria which it is supposed to fulfill without failing or causing any complications. 

The major performances of a mobile or web application are nothing but its primary work, such as loading pages, showing the products, bringing out proper search results for the viewers, and loading the pages on time as well.

What Is Performance Testing?

Performance Testing is that type of software testing that pinpoints on how a system running the system performs under a particular circumstance. Performance testing measures depending on the benchmarks and standards. Performance testing helps the developers to eliminate the bottlenecks.

performance testing


Why Do We Have To Test E-Commerce App?

As consumers we always look forward for perfection in the eCommerce app we tend to use. 

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The apps which perform flawlessly without causing any complications display images and content within a short period of time is what successfully engages our attention into it. We get hooked to only those particular software or applications which perform well.

So, in order to achieve that perfection in terms of functioning and technical performances, conducting performance testing of e-commerce applications is really necessary. It helps in finding out bugs and other defects present in the system in order to bring ultimate perfection in the system. 

Ecommerce testing decreases the vulnerability of software because it decreases the risk factor to a huge extent. One of the major concerns of consumers while using an eCommerce site is the security factor. 

People share their personal payment details, their bank account details, credit, and debit card information, and if security is not strong enough, all of the information might get hacked. That will lead to building up of trust issues between the company and their targeted clients. 

To nullify these issues, testing is really important for every eCommerce application out there. Performance testing of e-commerce applications plays a quintessential role in terms of elevating the security system to a huge extent.

One of the biggest reasons behind performing performance testing of e-commerce applications is to see if the application is performing well on multiple platforms. The targeted audience of a particular company will never have a single browsing media. 

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There will be people who will be browsing the application on their phones, and there will be other people who will find it easy to browse on their computers. If the application fails to perform properly on a single media, it will hamper the user experience of the particular software. 

Performance testing of e-commerce applications enables testers to find out issues of this sort easily and get them corrected in order to build a successful and flawless application. 

Another issue that arises with the eCommerce applications is an inability to function on multiple browsers lawlessly. 

Performance testing of e-commerce applications enables the application to adapt themselves accordingly so that no matter where they are made to run by the targeted clients, they will function properly. 

If the software fails to perform in a diverse way, it will undoubtedly hamper the client satisfaction process as well as the user interface of the system.

Performance testing of e-commerce applications also enables one to check other aspects of the software as well. Aspects like, if it is functioning properly in higher traffic situations and retaining all the features that have been incorporated in the application.

A major issue that is faced by the eCommerce application is causing disputes in terms of billing. These eCommerce sites provide multiple numbers of discounts and coupons, which requires to be correctly calculated or subtracted in the end to bring the correct amount to be paid. 

Performance testing of e-commerce applications helps in rectifying any problems or issues present in the system. Issues are like while calculating the amount along all the other factors like taxes and shipping charges not to mention the coupon codes and discount codes that gets incorporated in it the system creates no flaws and shows the accurate results as well.

Performance testing of e-commerce applications has been getting a lot of attention in current day scenarios due to its ability to bring utmost efficiency in the system of the application. The whole motive behind creating an eCommerce application is to attract the maximum number of targeted clients and gain profits as well. To get all these done, performance testing of e-commerce applications is really essential. 

Performance Testing Of E-Commerce App or Site 

Why Is It Important?

Performance testing of e-commerce applications is performed in order to bring perfection in the entire system of the application. but there are multiple integral reasons which require very accurate testing procedures in order to detect the presence of complications in it.

Let’s see why is performance testing of e-commerce applications so important and how is it influencing the quality of the application as well.

Examining All The Objectives Of The Software

Performance testing of e-commerce applications performs overall testing of the software, determining if it is functioning properly or if the loading time taken by the pages is perfect. Other than that, it also checks about the billing, shopping guide part as well. 

If there is a blog present in the application, it goes through that part as well. It checks if bugs are present and the planning to bring the remedies as well to develop an application that is flawless.

Loading of pages

Often too much traffic causes delays in the loading of pages. This indirectly or directly influences the user experience as well.  Nobody is willing to spend tons of their personal time waiting to see the pages hence. 

Performance testing of e-commerce applications is important because it creates situations engaging multiple people in using the application. It also checks the load aspects of the pages and makes changes accordingly if needed in order to make the software flawless.

The Versatility Of The App On Different Devices

This is one of those aspects which the majority of the  QA Testers neglect while testing for eCommerce applications. 

Sometimes, it happens that an app is working properly on a particular device but fails on a different model. Like if an app is working perfectly on our phones, it often becomes a mess when we try to open the same application on our computers. 

This is due to optimization problems in which performing performance testing of e-commerce applications was a cure to a huge extent. The QA Testers, while doing performance testing, will check the navigability of the software along with the loading time. 

They will also check other aspects like a page's interactive power and the fonts and other things.

Cloud-based testing

This is an important part of testing that requires to be performed in order to enhance the flexibility of software in terms of working. 

If a client keeps adding items in their cart through their phone but ultimately makes a purchase by opening the software from their computer or laptop, the software also needs to function accordingly. To enable the software to work in such a flexible manner, cloud-based testing is required because this work is influenced by cloud computing only. This is a sensitive area and requires a higher accuracy rate in composing the tests; hence, utmost efficiency and attention are needed. 

Steps To Conduct Performance Testing

Let’s see what the basic steps of conducting performance testing of e-commerce applications are.  

Verify The Testing Environment First

This is the initial point where the availability of resources is checked. The hardware, software and network configurations are examined in order to build the perfect testing environment and compose the test cases as well. Acquiring a proper idea about the test environment from the beginning gives a vivid idea about the requirements in testing as well.

Find out the performance acceptance criteria

Evaluate the requirements in terms of functioning and resource utilization and so on. Also, evaluate what the project requirements are in order to understand how the testing procedures can benefit the software and ring the required results as well.

Plan Thoroughly And Compose The Tests

Understand the requirements of the software in order to know how you should compose your tests and create a perfect list of procedures. Every e-commerce software will require different tests because the requirements will change accordingly. Hence proper planning is a must before composing your tests.

Identify The Test Environment

Create an environment for conducting your testing properly. Creation of environment meaning arranging the tools, gathering the information and doing all the necessary things whatever is needed to smoothly conduct the testing procedures.

Implement The Planned And Designed Test

This is the important phase where the tester starts implementing the tests in order to get the bugs existing in the system. It is always advised to initiate this step with the consumer’s perspective because what the tester is thinking to be perfect might not satisfy the tester at all. 

Initiate Executing The Test

Run and examine your tests, start gathering the data and results that the tests are showing. Keep a track of the results so that you can check what is wrong and right with the system as well.

Understand The Results And Report Them

This is the last step where you take the information from the test and report them to the higher authorities, depicting what needs to be done and how the complications can be nullified.

Aspects That Should Be Considered During Conduction Performance Testing

Check The Geographical Position

If there is any complication arising with the spontaneous working of the software, make sure you check if it is getting affected due to the geographical position of your clients. 

This can happen at times. For understanding the complication, check the working capabilities of the software at peak hours and at lenient hours in order to see how it is working. 

The QA testers you will get in order to perform the performance testing of e-commerce applications will check on the issue evaluating the position of the client, if it is playing any role behind it.

Emphasize On Mobile Usage

If the number of mobile users is compared with that of computers or other device users, the number of mobile users in terms of surfing the internet will triumph all the other categories undoubtedly. There are a humongous number of people who will navigate your software through their mobile phones. 

If they face any complications there, you as a company will lose a potential number of clients. The user experience, if it gets hampered with mobile users, it will be a huge downfall for the company itself. 

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While composing tests for performance testing of e-commerce applications, make sure you emphasize the mobile users and check all the aspects of the software in terms of its functions over mobile. Also, check how it is working in Android as well as iOS systems.

Check The Working Aspects Of Different Transaction Methods

Online transactions, when made on e-commerce sites targeted audiences, always look forward to fast functioning features and a secured environment as well. Make sure, while conducting performance testing of e-commerce applications, you pay special attention to enhancing the payment procedures and the transaction processes as well. 

Make sure while a client is making a purchase, he or she does not have to wait unnecessarily in order to fulfill the entire payment.

The Takeaway

Considering today's demand for perfection in the eCommerce business, conducting performance testing of e-commerce software is becoming extremely important. 

Building up software that is devoid of any complication and flaws and providing 100 per cent client satisfaction is what every company needs in order to excel in the industry.

When it comes to taking assistance in performance testing of e-commerce apps, there is no better place other than Apphawks. 

Our services are absolutely transparent, and we offer top-notch quality assistance. We believe in growing up as a brand by serving our clients faithfully. 

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