QA Outsourcing to Poland: Strategic Destination

Let's take a look at QA outsourcing to Poland.

Most of the business enterprises today, owe their success to the investments they made in the offshore supplying team for goods and services. Rather than opting for an in-house team to work on their business processes and functions, they took help from outside organizations. 

That is, they outsourced these services from another company that is not affiliated with their organization.

It's been a decade since outsourcing products and services have taken place. This is the result of growing companies who find it difficult to fulfill their demands from the resources provided by the national market.

What is Outsourcing?

In simple terms, outsourcing can be defined as a process of importing services from foreign countries. It is a complete business strategy in which a company plans to hire an external agency or firm to perform its tasks. 

It is an agreement between the two companies wherein the external company provides operational work to the hiring company in exchange for money. This external company is known as the third-party service provider as it is not connected to the hiring company in any terms. 

The former provides the services either on-site at the facilities provided by the hiring company or at outside locations. It arranges a team or some specific systems to get the task done.

Why outsourcing?

Very often companies consider outsourcing as a means to manage the overhead in production thereby increasing their profits. It does work as a measure to cut the additional production costs but at the same time, it maintains the efficiency of the work being done. The hiring company could focus on the core competencies and outsource other services from external firms. In this way, they can gain an advantage in the competition as well.

Look at the percentage analysis of reasons why a company decides to outsource its services.

44% - Reduction in costs

34% - Avail IT resources that are not available in the national market

28% - Improve their business

15% - Speed up their project

Rest – others

According to a study in 2017, the main reason for about 46% of the companies to outsource their business tasks was reducing production costs. 12% of these companies were fascinated by the capabilities provided by outsourcing. Outsourcing to Poland gives an added benefit to the hiring companies in terms of world-class services.

What Is QA Outsourcing?

Every software development company depends on innovation to gain the top rank in the ongoing competition. In this competition, while looking ahead to newer innovations, the quality of software remains at the back seat. 

To make software meet the needs of a competitive market, it is important that it passes the quality test. As the quality of software code marks the reputation of the company. 

Quality Assurance (QA) testing is an essential aspect of software development. Hence, development and testing should not be mixed with one another to maintain the quality of software. 

The main idea here is to outsource QA testing so that there is no overhead of an in-house team.

QA outsourcing is the strategy of outsourcing Quality Assurance (QA) software testing to eliminate the extravagant costs of the in-house development team. 

The external company has the required expertise, experience, and knowledge to fix the issues in the software. They will ensure thorough testing of the software owing to their comprehensive domain knowledge.

Why Should You Consider QA Outsourcing?

When it comes to QA testing or any other business process, cost plays an important role. Other than cost there are several other factors that should be considered in QA outsourcing.

  • QA outsourcing ensures unbiased testing of the software. If the same team develops as well as tests the software, the product quality would be at risk. As the development team may fail to spot errors in its own work.
  •  The hiring companies do not have to share their software code with the external companies for testing. Therefore, QA outsourcing provides code security to software development companies.
  • When a company outsources QA, it can identify the associated risks and bugs at an early stage. It is important to start QA testing along with development to reduce the overhead in rectifying the errors.
  • On-time completion is an important aspect of product delivery. QA outsourcing limits the time taken for detecting errors in the system. The external companies take care of the time zone of the hiring company and deliver results accordingly.
  •  QA outsourcing is now more advanced as it uses innovative technologies for the process. The companies may not have the right QA technology to test their products. Hiring an external company can give them excellent results.
  • An external OA testing team having hands-on experience in their field keeps in mind the latest trends in Quality Assurance. The company thereby gets the latest quality updates in its product.

Hiring companies can avail of all these benefits by QA outsourcing to Poland. Have a look at Poland’s outsourcing tactics.

The Best Country For QA Outsourcing? 

QA outsourcing to Poland has opened up many opportunities for businesses to incorporate agility in their development process. 

This outsourcing destination allows them to concentrate on their core business functions when the outsourcing team works on quality. 

According to a report, Poland has grown exceptionally after the crisis of 2008 and now giving a tough competition to countries like India and China. It is among the very attractive outsourcing destinations in Europe. 

The outsourcing teams have excellent technical skills and a thorough knowledge of different business functions. These teams do not try to be the all-rounders and focus mainly on software testing techniques.


QA outsourcing to Poland, therefore, assures the ultimate concentration of the team on the quality of software products than anything else.

The companies in Poland aim to build strong relationships with their clients ensuring persistent improvement in their product.

They do not believe in just short-term consulting over such an essential aspect of a software product – Quality Assurance.

Everything is planned and implemented only after analyzing the requirements of the clients. The results are delivered, keeping in mind their time constraints.

What do researches and studies have to say about it?

QA outsourcing to Poland has proven records as per the reports of many surveys and researches.

1) A report compared the outsourcing tactics of US and Western Europe with Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The results stated that CEE is standing in front of India and China in terms of low costs of outsourcing destinations. 

Poland holds the first position for outsourcing among the top 10 countries of CEE. The countries under CEE use the latest technological trends offering quality services.



2) 2017 AT Kearney Global Services Location Index ranked Brazil, Thailand, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria among top locations for outsourcing.

3)  Tholons Top Outsourcing Destinations for 2016 ranked Poland in the first 30 European countries. Poland was ranked twice and then among the first 10 countries on the list.

4) Ernst & Young’s 2012 Edition placed Poland on 7th position in the world owing to investment attractiveness.

5) 75.58% of DACH and 77% of German companies outsource their software development in Europe. Among these, 9% of the share was earned by Poland.

There will be an increase in the income of the IT market in Poland in 2020. The income is expected on the basis of growth rate – 5.9% CAGR.

Outsourcing to Poland incorporates 450 companies in the IT sector.

What Are The Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing to Poland?

QA outsourcing to Poland companies is considered to be the best approach. Researches and studies clearly mention the success rate of Poland in terms of offshore outsourcing. 

Apart from financial profits, companies in Poland offer many other benefits to the hiring companies.

A well-known hub of talent and education

Poland is known to be a talent hub for many specializations. Engineering and Science are the topmost pursued fields with exceptional excellence. The education provided by the institutions in Poland is affordable, attracting more number of students. 

This provides an extended scope to QA outsourcing to Poland as the education required to do the work can be attained very easily. Poland has acquired respect all over the world for its education system offering free and uninterrupted education for 22 years. 

This education system earned Poland 10th position in the top education systems of the world. 40,000 students pass out from Poland institutions every year with IT and Communication Technology as their field of interest. These students then work in respective companies to add to the talent hub of Poland.

polish ict education


The country has been earning a good reputation in terms of providing technology jobs to over 2,50,000 employees. It is now opening more centers to create more opportunities for students and employees as well.

The New York Times says that the percentage of people holding university degrees belonging to the age group 25-34 years is 39. In this category, Poland ranks second among the countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. 

The most popular academic centers in Poland are in Krakow and Warsaw. The education and job opportunities in Poland is the reason for the talent pool. 

It increases the labor for outsourcing work and decreases the cost per labor.

Home of Developers and Testers

With the growing trend of more people switching to a software developing career, the number of software engineers has been increasing continually with respect to the overall labor force. 


Almost a quarter (24%) of them are located in Poland, the highest number of talented programmers in the CEE region.

cee countries


Poland has got high ratings for its developers and testers. This has created an ample amount of jobs for the people interested to work in this field. Poland leaves behind the US in terms of its developer talent. It is placed at 4th position globally in the best developer talent by Top Coder. Among the ICT specialists of the European Union, 10% come from Poland with an annual rate of 15.000 IT graduates. Poland has a robust educational status and conducts several training programs for gaining the required skills. This makes Poland create a lot of opportunities in Software Development and Testing and IT.

QA outsourcing to Poland is a very good option by many surveys. HackerRank analyzed the performance of several countries on the basis of their developer and coding skills. It states that Poland ranked third among the top 10 countries which took part in coding challenges.

hacker rank


International Programming Contests like Google Code Jam, Central European Programming Contest (CEPC), and the Microsoft Engine Cup, to name a few, gave high ranks to the developers in Poland. This adds to the benefits of QA outsourcing to Poland. 

Every year, several organizations conduct surveys and Poland never misses to get the top positions. A contest named Hello World, held in Helsinki, Finland, was won by the Polish Need for C team. 

The top-rated areas in development and testing include Algorithms, Python, Java, Ruby, and Shell.

poland global rankings


Centralized Location

QA Outsourcing to Poland has now become much easier and comfortable due to its location. Poland has a strategic location - in the center of Europe. 

It reduces the distance between the hiring company and the external Poland companies especially for nearshoring. As when nearshore outsourcing to Poland is concerned the process is streamlined with little to negligible time zone gap. 

The absence of this location barrier means healthy and quicker communication between companies. The international airports make it even easier to reach Poland in the duration of 3 hours maximum.


The centralized location of Poland is advantageous to many other countries. The US faces a quite different situation. Though US companies or offshore outsourcing to Poland experiences a longer distance yet technology has outweighed it. 

The maximum time zone difference of 9 hours is not much. It can be covered up easily. This time gap can be managed by overlapping working hours and mutual adjustments. 

On-time decisions and actions are not possible, but meetings can be arranged during overlap hours. While the hiring company might be resting, the companies in Poland may be working during the time. 

The feedback and changes can be implemented at the time of meetings. The flight to Poland is also of a short duration saving time and money in traveling.

Quality work with low costs

Outsourcing is considered to meet the low-cost demands of companies across the globe. At the same time, the companies wish for good quality of work. Poland successfully stands out on the requirements of their clients. 

The companies in Poland charge reasonable rates for outsourcing work. They maintain the quality of work within these rates only. As the workers are highly qualified and skilled, quality is never compromised. 

Within the whole European Union, Poland is the only country that has the lowest rates for IT services. According to a report by the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL), the salary of skilled workers in Poland is Dollar 40,000 per year. 

The same workers earn Dollar 1,00,000 per year in Silicon Valley.



Poland is a perfect blend of low cost and talented developers that makes its first preference for offshore outsourcing destinations.

Start-up companies who cannot afford US outsourced services find QA outsourcing to Poland cost-effective. This is the main reason why they prefer offshore outsourcing.

 They get an added advantage of overseas savings while paying nearly at the top of the market. Also, if the technology is advanced, the rates per man-hour do not matter much. 

Poland clearly signifies the fact that outsourcing is not just about finding the lower post service provider. It also takes into consideration the value of money in terms of quality work.

Language is no longer a barrier

English is the common language being spoken in Poland. Official work and entire communication in Poland are done in English. 

Lack of communication is not a problem in outsourcing to Poland as compared to other countries. The second law of outsourcing says that companies should outsource their business functions from a service provider who understands the value of effective communication. 

Often language becomes a common barrier in communicating and discussing work. This leads to a lack of understanding between companies and results in misconceptions. For two companies to maintain a strong connection, it is important that both of them understand each other’s perspectives. 

It is possible only through a common language standard and Poland maintains it very well.

English, being the common means of communication, workers in Poland are highly efficient in the language. This is the main factor that almost all companies look for in an outsourcing company. 

Poland fulfills this requirement in a very exceptional manner. According to the 2018 English proficiency index report, Poland stands on the 13th position among 88 countries across the globe.


The education system in Poland is responsible for this position. It mainly stresses learning English right from primary school to university. This prepares Polish people, whether graduates or employees to work with international firms. 

Along with language training, Poland's education system also emphasizes on learning soft skills for the seamless communication process.

Great cultural match

An outsourcing relationship depends largely on two factors –common ground and mutual understanding. While a mutual understanding between the two companies can be achieved through a common language, the cultural gap is hard to reduce.

The cultural gap in companies leads to mistakes. People from different cultures are unable to understand the product of a different country. They just abide by the rules set by the hiring company. Due to this restricted nature of testing, the testers are unable to find bugs in the product. They fail to achieve the main goal.

Withstanding all these issues, QA outsourcing to Poland avoid this cultural gap in the two companies. The cultural similarities in the country are responsible for increasing productivity and decreasing mistakes in the field of QA testing. 

This makes a product familiar in Poland to other countries. When compared with other countries like India or China, Poland eliminates cultural differences far better. Hiring companies from Europe and the US do not feel any kind of difference in the culture of Polish democracy. 

This is because the Polish culture is very similar to that of almost all European countries. Consequently, the workers and specialists in Poland easily help their clients in solving their problems. 

They give suggestions to improve the quality of their products in a much better way than any other country.

Reasons To Consider QA Outsourcing To Poland

QA outsourcing to Poland is considered as the first preference by many companies across the globe. The benefits these companies get from Poland's working capabilities are unavoidable. 

The fact that it has now become a tough competitor of India and China is worth considering. Still, some important factors need to be taken into account which supports the decision of outsourcing to Poland.

● Well equipped with technology

Skilled workers, excellent location, qualified developers, talent, and well-maintained infrastructure makes Poland a well-equipped country. All these factors open up many new ways for Poland to set up the latest technological trends for their competitors. 

Outsourcing to Poland means welcoming new forms of development in a product. This owes to the tools and methodologies that companies in Poland apply to serve their clients. The country emerged a little late in the outsourcing market and so they are far away from old-fashioned technology and tools. 

Their products are capable of meeting the requirements of the present competitive market and always look forward to incorporating a modern approach in their services. Their knowledge of scrum and agile development makes them fully equipped in terms of skills and resources.

Renowned companies like Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Oracle, Cisco, and Intel have opened up their R&D centers and offices in Poland. The country has a very strong infrastructure providing complete digital support to communication. 

Poland behind countries like the Philippines in terms of speed and internet connections. Hiring companies do not have to spend their money on modern technology. 

QA outsourcing to Poland makes them free of involving in such cost that money can instead be invested in hiring qualified workers for another important task.

● Relief from an overload of overhead expenses

When hiring companies opt for outsourcing, they mainly aim to reduce their production costs. Along with this demand for higher operational standards. They did not want to invest in an in-house team due to the extra cost of training and required resources. 

Outsourcing to Poland avail companies with all these resources and technological aspects. Infrastructure, utilities, rent, labor, and relevant skills, to name a few factors, are necessary for a company to carry out its functions. Incorporating all this requirement increases the overall cost of production. 

Poland reduces these costs by eliminating the need for including the services. They avoid the involvement of human resources and the associated costs. They themselves manage these aspects and let businesses concentrate on other important investments.

When a company opts for an in-house team to handle the business processes, they have to train them. Moreover, they have to pay more for the job. This adds to the expenses other than the fixed costs of services. 

Whereas, as per the above-mentioned benefits of outsourcing to Poland, this scenario is quite different. Companies in Poland provide quality assurance services at low cost and higher reliability. 

In spite of giving higher wages to in-house members quality of work may not be guaranteed. But the qualified workers in Poland ensures the success of the project at even lower wages.

● Paves the way for new development

An in-house team may be restricted to the terms and conditions of the organization. It may be controlled by the guidelines set by the software developers themselves. They will not be able to find a discrepancy in their own work. 

The reason may be a sense of confidence in their capabilities. Due to this, it is difficult to oversee the limitations of their product. Even if they try to understand the working and examine the capacity of the product they would fail to do it in the right way. As their knowledge is limited to a certain extent. 

The skills and expertise required to deal with QA testing are much more advanced than their knowledge. It is impossible for the company to train them in the critical time constants of projects. The additional cost is also a problem.

QA outsourcing to Poland applies a completely different approach to solving the problems of their clients. The workers are specialized in these fields and have a good experience in doing their job. 

They did not indulge in any other activity than their assigned job. This makes them more dedicated to their work. Apart from this, they make their clients look forward to new targets and ideas for their business. 

The strategies they adopt and suggest are innovative and suitable to meet the needs of the changing market trends.

● Reliable and low-risk working environment

Protection and security are the two important factors of the business process. A company always wishes to ensure these two factors while outsourcing their business functions. Data loss or data theft can cause them a huge loss. 

They look for those companies which can guarantee the safety and security of their important data. The software code and other implementation details can be at risk while outsourcing. Since the software code is not accessible to the external companies the risk of code breaches is reduced up to a certain extent. Still, software failures due to an accident can result in adverse situations.

QA outsourcing to Poland deals with such type of situations by ensuring efficient backup of data. They reduce the occurrence of such risky failures by adopting preventive measures. Poland is strictly following the data protection rules and regulations set by the European Union. 

They offer better security to data. This country has already taken the initiative towards GDPR compliance. QA outsourcing to Poland effectively maintains unstable market situations.

● Enhancement in the skills of employees

QA outsourcing to Poland means an introduction to two new skills, advanced knowledge, and the next level of expertise. The labor in Poland is trained to meet the latest advancements in technology. 

It employs the skills in the projects from the hiring company to solve their problems. This sets a very good example for the employees of the organization. They are guided to inculcate in themselves multitasking skills required to handle a project efficiently.

Exposure to the outer world working scenario enables the organization to open up to innovative aspects of operations. The get the chance to enhance their strategic thinking skills. This leads to the expansion of the business. 

When a business spreads across several countries and across the globe, it demands higher expertise and an ample amount of skills. QA outsourcing to Poland fulfills these requirements of the concerned organizations.

Qualification outweighs labor costs

Many companies look forward to availing quality services from outside companies while demanding low costs. They often overlook the importance of product quality. Willingness to save that money prevents them to ensure the effective working of the product. 

Some companies do provide highly experienced labor for their work but at higher costs.
QA outsourcing to Poland stands head of these companies offering high-quality products services at lower labor costs.

Poland has maintained its standards by making business deals with advancing countries. In the exchange of deals, Poland companies provide services at reduced wages, at the same time improving advanced expertise in its work. 

Hiring a specialized staff may be costly and can imbalance the overall budget of the hiring company.
QA outsourcing to Poland avoids this situation by eliminating the need for hiring unnecessary labor and offering services at low wages.


With the developing world, the outsourcing market has been increasing at a considerable rate. It has now become a crucial aspect of business processes. Low costs and the high tech services offered by the outsourced companies make it more demanding among businesses. 

The strategic approach towards providing these services can be easily leveraged by hiring companies. The reliability of work adds to the profit.

Another thing that should be taken into account is that businesses are getting more opportunities to expand their production and reputation. This is all because of outsourcing several business functions. The increasing competition pressurizes these businesses to make an effective strategy to stay alive. 

Qa outsourcing to Poland innovatively serves businesses with their market needs. It helps organizations to cross their thinking capabilities and come up with fresh ideas. 

Poland is a strategic destination to outsource QA software testing owing to its highly skilled labor with low wages and quality services.

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