QA Services Companies: How They Work?

By definition, QA and Testing are composed of two concepts that incorporate software quality. Quality Assurance (QA), is a broad term used to explain continuous, consistent improvement and maintenance processes of quality management and production processes.

Testing is the standard activity aimed at detecting and solving technical issues in the software code and assessing the entire product usability, performance, security, and compatibility. So why you might need an independent QA testing service company?

Why Outsource Software Testing?

Software testing has emerged as a prime outsourcing option for many QA testing services companies. There are many reasons why this function could be outsourced to a third party.

Developing software is not a child's play. It involves careful steps and stages that can be complicated and usually takes a lot of time to develop any software from scratch. If you wish to develop user-friendly software with minimal bugs, then you need application testing companies to carry out application testing services.

This way, by outsourcing quality assurance, you'll be able to create near-perfect software that would serve its purpose. You need a software company that has perfected independent software testing services and has a ton of experience in outsourced QA testing.

Reasons why you need to outsource QA


Most companies that do their own independent software testing use their own resources which might be expensive. QA testing service companies should make the experience cost-effective since they do all the work in bulk, while at the same time, outsourcing quality assurance. Therefore, they’ll ensure you save time without compromising the quality.


When you decide to go in for outsourced QA testing, you will get the benefit of an honest opinion. An outside party would appreciate the unique features of the software and point out the obvious techniques used to design the software. This kind of feedback will prompt you to improve certain features without hurting any developer’s feelings. QA testing services companies should offer their clients suggestions on how they can improve their software in the long-haul.

QA Outsourcing Models

By now you have probably figured out how important QA testing service companies are when it comes to application testing. With all that being said, here are some of the ways app testing companies take part in outsourcing quality assurance;

Staff Augmentation

They provide staff augmentation services to mid-size and Fortune 500 clients. Staff augmentation services are aimed at utilizing outsourced services and contracted workers by leveraging the company's existing resources.  Clients should look forward to staff augmentation services for in-demand skillful specialists. Usually, professionals work on an hourly or daily basis to administer niche skills, supplement the current staff, complete any particular projects, and meet critical deadlines.

Tactical Consultancy

Detailed and cutting-edge QA testing services is the crème de la crème. Service providers should have unmatched IT strategic experts who facilitate unparalleled software testing and consultancy services. They carry out an all-inclusive health assessment of the company's existing QA operations, describe how their competitors operate, and provide resourceful advice on how they can enhance software testing capabilities.

Project-based Outsourcing

A team of skilled IT personnel is available on hired contracts. The outsourcing company of your choice should take a large bulk of the work off your hands and be accountable for the entire project, from start to finish.

Dedicated Team Model

Look forward to having a team of dedicated personnel who are less concerned about office politics, with an aim of engaging in providing quality work for projects and deadlines without an unbiased perspective.

QA Testing: Offshoring and Nearshoring

QA testing services companies offer offshoring where the team will be based in a different location using their own infrastructure and setup required to carry out the daily operations. With a great pool of talent, language should not be a barrier to them, hence, the offshore team can work coherently with the in-house team so as to improve the quality of the software and save up more time.

Depending on what type of additional support and coverage of testing you want, the professional team will quickly familiarize themselves with your product line and how you conduct your work. Then they will participate in quality assurance from the beginning to the end of the project. They will also bring the best skills and knowledge to the table and carry out industry-appropriate QA processes for all stages of the project.

On the other hand, integrating with an onshore team will ensure optimum quality is achieved with the onshore team. They will manage communication, correct any logistical issues, and attend project meetings. Both of the teams use the same tools to develop synchronized interoperability and ensure both become an extension of each other.

Fixed Price vs. Time and Material

Depending on your initial outsourcing model, QA testing services companies should be flexible enough to provide fixed-price agreements, or a time and materials contract. For the fixed price model, they conduct all the required work and engage all of their skilled manpower to deliver with respect to time. Usually, they have clear-cut requirements and determined deadlines, a limited budget, and limited project scope.

With the time and material contract, they bill you according to the actual scope of work based on the time of labor taken. Customers are charged according to the number of hours taken to complete the project, plus the costs of materials. This gives them more flexibility to adjust requirements, take a different direction, replace any lagging features, and simply foster transparency and ease management.

QA Testing Services - conclusion

In today’s fast-evolving digital transformation universe, QA and testing is rapidly gaining traction. For both business and IT operations, QA and testing is a vital factor in ensuring the goals of any organization are met. It dictates the right value for clients, enhances business performance, seamless integration with new technologies, and increased agility and adaptability to solve any problem.

As any business deserves quick service and response, you would expect ease of use, accessibility, usability, and performance. You require validation for your client’s interaction and journey with the business, the user experience being reported, cloud migration, cross-browser functionality, overall performance, responsive design, and most importantly, security.

If you have new competitors entering your market, then you have to be agile with new Information Technologies while steering through the challenges of quality delivery across different platforms. Naturally, the risk of facing errors increases and negatively affects the corporate image and entire business performance.

Sustaining a balance between risks and the right level of quality control without delaying your time to market, and the ability to innovate determines your success.

According to reports, organizations are doubling their testing budget while the cost of testing activities have increased. Unfortunately, this prompts them to cut down on their innovation budget which slows the actual speed of innovation.

So how do you deal with this predicament? Apphawks is the answer! We provide cutting-edge, high-quality outsource software testing services to all our revered clients.

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