Software Testing Companies List: QA Outsourcing Providers in the CEE Region

Software testing companies will validate whether your applications ultimately meet their technical and business requirements. Any business deserves quick service and response, you would expect ease of use, accessibility, usability, and performance.

The basic tests carried out by every software testing company are functionality test, performance and load test, compatibility test, security test, and user experience tests. 

The offshore testing services are best provided by those who offer a personalized approach to each customer. 

This requires that software testing companies are familiar with the client’s products, workflows, and technology. This way any loophole can be rectified and also ensures that the application can provide end to end smooth workflow.

By now you have probably figured out how important software testing companies are when it comes to application testing service. With all that being said we present a list of QA services companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Software testing companies list in the CEE region

  • Apphawks
  • QA Madness
  • Oxagile
  • MS-IDI Ltd
  • QATestLab
  • SQA Service
  • Euro-Testing Software Solutions
  • Tesena

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Quality Assurance and Testing Services Providers In The CEE region



Apphawks provide cutting-edge, high-quality outsource software testing services to all clients. Apphawks provide QA Testers to resolve software testing challenges as the long arm of your startup or business.

A tester from Apphawks is assigned to your project full-time. You get an on-demand tester with high manual testing skills or automation skills. Apphawks offer middle/long-term relationships continued improvements of your software & product. 

Industry: E-commerce, Media and Entertainment, SaaS, Finance, Healthcare, and others.

Apphawks is a European localization company and delivers a wide range of QA outsourcing software testing to the clients who want to have QA Partner from Poland.

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QA Madness has been providing software testing services to businesses around the world. With 60 QA specialists on board, they detect issues in the software that might negatively affect its performance. 

QA Madness treat every project as their own. That is what helps them to build relationships with clients on trust, loyalty, and respect.


Oxagile is a leading-edge provider of custom web and mobile application development services with a focus on multi-platform video streaming and RTC solutions. 

Oxagile has been on the IT scene for over a decade now and has successfully delivered more than 400 projects to companies in various industries, such as Media and Entertainment, eCommerce, EdTech, Advertising, Finance, Healthcare, and others.


QATestLab is an international company that provides a full range of software testing services. They offer different types of testing services: turnkey, functional, performance automated, and security testing. 

QATestLab works with projects across different industries, including e-commerce, telecommunications, tourism, government, office facilities industry.

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MS-IDI Ltd. is the information technology (IT) company based in Latvia and focusing mainly on the European market. The main strategic directions of our company are IT outsourcing and enterprise resource planning (ERP) services. 

They apply individual approaches providing each client with fully customized and personalized product development.

SQA Service

SQA Service is an independent software and systems testing consultancy. Offer a combination of professional SQA consultants with a state of the art methodology and an unique strategy proving the quality of our clients' products. 

The services are end-user and performance-oriented. SQA Service applies leading quality management methodologies to help clients deliver top quality solutions.


Euro-Testing Software Solutions is an international software testing company providing managed software testing Services, testing outsourcing, application delivery services, application lifecycle management. 

Euro-Testing specializes in functional and non-functional testing, testing automation, security testing, testing management, testing infrastructure, turn-key testing teams, specialized testing training, testing audits. 

Czech Republic

Tesena offers testing services designed to enable testing to be more efficient and effective. Tesena can help clients to detect and prevent issues in IT systems. 

Tesena can also help to minimize risks, control costs, and reduce time to market. The services are based on extensive practical software testing experience, backed by solid theoretical knowledge and a passion.

Why Working With Software Testing Companies Is beneficial?

●   Faster output to market 
Offshore testing, when combined with onshore team’s work, can drastically cut short the testing time cycle by half. This will double the efficiency and effort put without increasing the expenses.

●   Ensures high ROI
Any business is successful when there is adequate ROI (Return of Investment). Working with software testing companies has a high ROI. The labor cost is low and provides the same or higher quality testing services.

●  Provides space for Core Business focus
When software testing is outsourced, the onshore team can centralize focus on developing core business functions and also bring in additional projects.

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