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On the market, there are a lot of software testing services companies. The majority of them are Asian firms and probably you do not know much about quality assurance companies in Eastern Europe. 

We already did the research and we have compiled a list of software testing services companies worldwide which are specialized in QA service only.

This time, we want to explain to you how WE work and how we manage the QA process with our clients.

Besides, there are just a few software testing services companies in East Europe, particularly in Poland. If you are looking for QA company in Europe, the information included here might be useful for you.

Software Testing Services Provider

We’re located about one hundred kilometers from Poznan.. this is the western part of Poland, Central Europe. We have a normal office, so we are not just an online company.

QA service company

We decided to focus only on one thing and this is software testing and quality assurance services. We don’t want to be at the moment the all-in-one company. All of our resources we’re investing only in the software testing field.

We don’t consider ourselves as a typical outsourcing company. We offer dedicated QA Testers (full-time) which you add to your in-house team.

You have already the team of developers, but you need resources for testing and we offer this kind of resource. You still have a lot of control.

Apphawks provide Testers in a Staff Augmentation Model. As you know, it’s an ongoing close collaboration between your core staff and nearshore team according to Agile Methodology.

A QA Tester from Apphawks is assigned to your project full-time.

The client has full management control over the development team. Our partners can resize teams adding another QA Tester.

We offer middle/long-term relationships, continued improvements in your software & product rather than a quick consulting.

Testing Services

What type of testing services can we offer through our QA Testers or Automation Testers? 

As a company, we can cover most of the software testing types, such as Manual Testing, Automation Testing, but also we can help you with software testing documentation (based on Gherkin). The other classification would be functional and non-functional testing.

We cover Cross-device testing, mobile application testing, and others. We have a lot of experience in
 e-commerce sector, B2C software.

Read more=> E-commerce Testing: How to Test an E-commerce Website and Application

Even if your dedicated QA needs help with something, he has support and assistance from our team.

So yes, you get one specialist but there is always a chance that our team can help you with tickets and other issues.  That's is the power of a software testing company.

QA Process

When it comes to process…

There are only a few steps to integrate Apphawks with your development team. In the beginning, we need to evaluate your needs and requirements.

From our experience, we know that there might be some communications problems, some bottlenecks in the QA process.

Before QA Tester will start working for you, we have to set up our workflow and communication channels to avoid that. We need to set up managers on both sides.

Then, on a daily basis, our QA will check your product quality like your normal employees. He will use Jira or another platform you prefer, but also we might suggest some testing and management tools.

From the first day of our cooperation, QA Tester is going to work as part of your team. Now, you have the key to winning the war of tech talent.

Software Testing Services Company: Your Benefits

We believe B2B cooperation with us may provide the solution for the repeating situations in terms of fighting for talents:

  • like talent acquisition,
  • the problem with employee retention,
  • an uncertainty of work with freelancers

- or just keeping costs in check.

We think you as someone who works in Europe or the US are familiar with some of these problems.

Please keep in mind that if you have an in-house team of developers and you just need QA specialists we think that the project stays at your place. Cooperation with us is not outsourcing in the full sense of that word.

QA outsourcing benefits
The second thing: We don’t wanna leave you after one or two months if we have good and effective cooperation. We wish to create long-lasting relations.

We work based on an hourly rate or a fixed monthly fee. As we wrote here, we pay for long holidays of our staff. We pay for insurance, infrastructure, or paid leave.

We always discuss overtime of dedicated QA you hired, so we keep everything transparent for you.

If you think we share the same values in business and a similar approach to the QA process as a Software Testing Services Company - let's get to know each other.

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