05 November 2018

21 Software Testing Service Companies For Startups and Businesses

testing service companies

It’s hard to choose a software testing company. To help you with such a difficult choice we decided to do some research. We have compiled a list of software assurance companies which are specialized in QA services only.

With the companies listed below, you can get software testers exactly when you need them. There are other companies providing testing services for many large corporations providing testing services along with other services. The list is not complete.

Software testing companies

  1. Apphawks
  2. Edge Testing
  3. Mooyla
  4. TestMatic
  5. TestBytes
  6. QA Madness
  8. Iterators
  9. BairesQA
  10. QA Sources
  11. QAMentor
  12. TestForce
  13. QualityTest Group
  14. ImpactQA
  15. TestingXperts
  16. TestArmy
  17. A1QA
  18. QualityLogic
  19. QA Consultants
  20. Global App Testing
  21. BugRaptors

Quality assurance outsourcing

Outsourcing has been around for many years. There are different models, three primary approaches: staff augmentation, dedicated teams, and project-based outsourcing.

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Many business owners, founders believe that they shouldn’t outsource the core engineering required to make software, which is usually built in-house. With quality control, the situation is different.

It is part of software development. Developers are not testers and they shouldn’t waste your engineering resources.

The external quality assurance service company can be a good asset for startup or business if they have engineering budget constraints.

List of Software Testing Companies


outsourcing companies

We’ll start this list of software testing service companies with an introduction to ourselves. You will know who we are and what Apphawks does.

Apphawks provide QA Testers in a Team Extension Model. It’s an ongoing close collaboration between your core staff and nearshore team according to Agile Methodology. A tester from Apphawks is assigned to your project full-time. Get an on-demand tester with high manual testing skills or automation skills.

Apphawks offer middle/long-term relationships, continued improvements of your software & product rather than a quick consulting.

The client has full management control over the development team. A partner can resize teams adding another QA Tester. 

We are located in the west part of Poland, near to Poznan.

Edge Testing 

Edge Testing

Edge Testing provide testing service for business in e-commerce, enterprise, apps, digital entertainment and the Internet of Things. In 2018 became part of Eurofins Digital Testing. 

Office based in United Kingdom.

Mooyla Software Testing

Moolya is a trusted partner to several industry leaders and cutting edge startup companies.

Moolya expertise spans consumer centric industries: Ecommerce, Payments & Wallets, Banking, Retail, Media, Healthcare or Lifestyle. As a software company, they follow a context driven testing approach that helps bring the user’s perspective to testing.



TestMatic offers more than 20 types of quality assurance services. The quality assurance team can start a new project within 24 hours. Three flexible outsourcing business models.

TestMatic has an office in New York with technical staff in Ukraine.


Testbytes provides in-depth testing across multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Apps or Desktop to ensure your unique solutions and smart products are free of bugs. TestBytes provides broad summary reports along with continuous quality improvement.

HQ in New York with technical staff in India, Pune.

QA Madness

From Lithuania, QA Madness provides a high-quality service in order to build a strong and loyal partnership with all our clients with 10 years experience. 



The QAwerk organization provides offshore teams of qualified QA engineers with extensive experience in detecting complex and rare errors. QAwerk is a team of professionals that keep up with current innovations and trends to make applications perfect to use.

QAwerk is an Ukrainian outsourcing company located in Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia.



Iterator provides a full range of software testing service for web sites, mobile applications and desktop applications. Iterators is a Boston-based company.


BairesQA is a quality assurance software company that provides quality control services to companies with high exposure to third parties through the use of software tools.

Focused on web environments and mobile applications with offices in Buenos Aires.



QASource deliver high-quality quality assurance outsourcing services using a hybrid onsite-offshore model that combines offshore technical talent with U.S. management and QA engineers embedded in clients’ engineering departments. 

QASource’s portfolio of companies includes QAOnDemand (flexible, pay-as-you-go services) and MyCrowd QA (crowdtesting).

Their technical staff in India.


QA Mentor supports applications in different industries with a pool of 12,000 crowdsourced testers to meet all of your quality assurance objectives.



TestFort was founded in 2001 as the quality assurance subdivision of a software development company. It has since grown into its own business with 4 R&D centers in Ukraine.

QA engineers with expertise in manual and test automation for web, desktop, mobile, cloud, and cross-platform software solutions.


QualiTest Group

QualiTest is the world’s largest QA firm, focused on large global enterprises across a number of verticals. Offering a wide range of solutions to meet customer’s business requirements. 

Their offices are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel and India. 


ImpactQA is specialized in serving the most challenging testing needs across various domains. The QA team works comprehensively on each project, meeting quality standards.

ImpactQA has been providing QA Services to customers including Fortune 500, leading brands, and startups.



TestingXperts is a Specialist QA Provider assisting organizations globally to deliver high-quality Software Applications pushing the conventional norms of Quality Assurance and blending technology to yield remarkable deliverables.

Their offices are located in USA, UK, Luxembourg, and Australia with labs placed in multiple locations in India (Chandigarh, Hyderabad, and Delhi).



TestArmy deliver quality assurance consulting services specialize in web, desktop and mobile testing, including virtual reality (VR) & Internet of Things (IoT). TestArmy has completed 500 successful projects across 10 different markets.

This is a Poland-based organization.



A1QA has provided independent QA services across multiple industries, serving more than 500 global customers, including Fortune 500. They specialize in the delivery of full-cycle quality assurance services.

A1QA is a U.S.-based firm with the headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado.



QualityLogic has worked with organizations to improve their mobile applications, the quality of web, imaging systems and smart energy solutions. The QualityLogic’s teams provide cost-competitive, U.S. onshore expertise to support the efforts of its clients.

The QualityLogic headquarter is Boise in the USA.

QA Consultants

QA Consultants

QA Consultants is North America’s dedicated provider of quality assurance solutions. The corporation has over 600 IT professionals supporting Fortune 500 organizations in the financial services, retail, manufacturing, internet services, also government sectors. 

QA Consultants is headquartered in Markham, Ontario – Canada.

Global App Testing

Global App Testing

Global App Testing has worked with some of the best tech companies to improve their products. They are helping companies scale QA testing through a crowd testers. 



BugRaptors provide solutions ensuring that an organization’s systems meet the expectations of customers. They offer a different business model that matches their clients’ requirements: a dedicated team, time & material or a fixed price.

They are an India-based company.

Testing service companies – summary

If you are a manager of a development team believing that the value of a good tester cannot be underestimated or your developers complain that they just don’t want to find their own code defects, you can start improving the quality of your software with listed firms.

They work differently, sometimes they offer long-term partnership in team-extension model (Apphawks) or you can employ crowdsource testers.

The choice is yours.


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