Staff Augmentation: Bridging The Skills Gap In Your Organisation

One can’t deny that with the increase in competition, the need for able staff and manpower is constantly on the rise. This is no different for the field of IT. Major IT companies face these difficulties across the world. 

Well, there does exist a constant battle for employing more talented, able, trained, and professional IT staff.

This is where staff augmentation comes across an established solution that can meet the needs of staff and talent crunch.

As per research and statistics, the IT outsourcing market is expected to reach the mark of $481.27 billion by the year 2022 in comparison to the mark of $314.92 billion as of the year 2015. 

Choosing staff augmentation enables organization in getting the necessary assistance of individuals who are versatile, have the talent, and aids in maintaining focus on the project.

Another statistics states, with the development of the economy over 40% of IT representatives are wandering for ways to change the employment techniques. And staff augmentation happens to be the best choice not only for organizations but also for IT talents.

Here in this article, we would offer you a detailed understanding of what is Staff Augmentation, its benefits, cost and how it works for the company bringing in more profits and flexible working.

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is referred to as an outsourcing strategy that aids in filling the skill gap present in companies. It helps the professional to evaluate the existing staff and then determine which additional skills are required.

In staff augmentation, the company hires an expert and not a person that has a general knowledge of things.

Adopting this process not only assists in the fastidious growth of businesses but also helps one bringing in skilled and experienced manpower who can further aid in accomplishing the goals.

Staff augmentation is utilized to the maximum by IT companies to scale up the project team and meet the objective of the business. In other words, the staff augmentation model works as an extra helping hand for companies.

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It enables the organizations to upgrade the skills of the existing workforce thereby augmenting their expertise further. It works as a great alternative complementing full-blown outsourcing to bring in qualified resources, manpower to work in tandem with your team and go on to achieve the requirement.

Reasons for choosing Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation brings into team temporary talent who can aid their support for ongoing projects. They also help in aiding teams to manage the internal team in meeting the requirement of the concerned department. 

It renders the flexibility of scaling the workforce depending on the present need in hand without spending any extra cost in the process. Staff augmentation is often referred to as a model that aids in efficient management of the budget.

Offers additional support

Staff Augmentation as the definition can be put across as specialized support that aids as an extra hand for managing work under tight deadlines. It ensures the company culture that is the niche to each organization is applied authentically throughout the process allowing the team to be well organized when working through the project.

The overall process of augmenting staff by roping in innovators onboard who would assist in educating the entire team upfront working on tools, acquaint them to the company culture, meet the business goals, and the internal processes efficiently before beginning the actual work on the project.

In short, the entire process model is looked upon as a beneficial stand for companies that solve geographical limitations. Irrespective of where one resides you can connect with the developers and still get the work done efficiently.

It further reduces the time taken in recruitment, helps in avoiding investment in infrastructure as all the required facilities, support staff, and the staff augmentation vendor provides other needs.

Staff Augmentation Firms - How They Work

The staff segmentation firm is a body of recruiters who hire people with expertise in a field on a temporary basis, part-time or full-time. The firm satisfies the needs of the companies by providing them skilled and qualified professionals to get their work done. They help in getting the work done in the least cost with superior quality.  

Initially, the staff augmentation firm will carry out the process of recruitment to find the candidates needed for particular projects or jobs. The process of evaluation of the candidates is done and then, the candidates are selected. 

Progressively, the firm will maintain a keen eye on the hired candidates. The staff augmentation firm will monitor the candidates and the firm will keep a record of the achievements, attendance, and quality of work of the candidates.  

The necessity of staff augmentation firm

Each situation has its own requirement. In the same manner, each project requires a particular set of skills. It is not necessary for a staff of an organization to possess all the skills, which are required for different projects or contracts. Therefore, staff augmentation is required to provide a team with expertise in different fields to the organization to perform their tasks. 

The staff augmentation firm assists the company or business in dealing with the issues related to staff. Along with this, the firm helps the business in having a highly diversified and skilled team assisted with the guidance of experts in order to march towards development. 

Staff augmentation is becoming a trend because of the abundant resources in the sector of Information technology, the diminishing rates, and the declining margins of the organization, which requires such services. 

Furthermore, due to the increased competition and the need for skilled and proficient staff, the staff augmentation firm is becoming an important aspect of an organization. As the needs of the staff are continuously changing with time, the staff augmentation enables the organization to meet the current trends and requirements of the business with the help of candidates experts in their fields. 

Staff augmentation makes it easy to subtract and add the resources as per the demand of the project, task or the trend. 

What Are The Major Advantages Of Staff Augmentation?

Cost efficiency

Cost becomes a barrier most of the time as the organizations are not willing to spend much on the projects or plans or they are not able to gather enough finance for the project. In such a situation, the staff augmentation firm becomes an effective help.

The staff augmentation firm develops a plan, which is beneficial to the organization. Along with this, the staff augmentation firm eliminates the cost of training fresher or candidates.

Specialization of skills

It is not always necessary that a set of skills, which is required for a particular project, will be helpful for all the other projects of an organization. Therefore, it becomes necessary to find staff with the skills required for other projects as well. 

In such instances, the staff augmentation firm plays its role. It selects the specific set of skills required for the project and hires them on a temporary basis or project basis. Thus, people who are experts or are skilled in that particular field do the quality of the work increases as the work. Thus, the staff augmentation firm provides access to the skills, which are not present in the organization.

Increased flexibility and the rate of response

The organization can take the help of staff augmentation to adapt at a good pace and build a committed team with specific expertise in a field to tackle important projects and meet the deadline. The staff augmentation assists the organizations to react according to the need or requirements of the situation or opportunity and take benefit from the opportunities of growth and development. 

With the progress in time, the working of the organization needs to be updated to meet the latest trends in the current world. Staff augmentation makes the procedure of business flexible and scalable. The required talent can be employed when there is a need to meet the timeline, which is aggressive. 

In addition, it eliminates the need for permanent staff as the organization always has skilled experts available as per their needs. 

Resource replacement and management

Staff augmentation manages the existing resources of the organization and utilizes the existing resources in performing the required tasks. Along with this, the staff augmentation firm adds resources in the form of skilled candidates to an organization. 

In the process, the organization benefits by fulfilling the demand for the project and delivering the task on time. 

The management of resources in an efficient manner is possible with the assistance of a staff augmentation firm.


Hiring candidates is a process, which consumes a lot of time. Especially, when an organization needs candidates with expertise in a field, the process kills more time. The staff augmentation firm minimizes this time to a few hours. 

The companies keep a record of the employees and therefore, they will get a candidate, which fulfills the requirement of your work in no time. Thus, the organization can skip several steps of interviewing and selecting the candidates. 

Apart from this, the candidates chosen by the staff augmentation firm are specialists in their field and thus, they can get the work done at a faster speed. Therefore, the time in doing a particular task or project decreases. 

Outsourcing the acquisitions of the personnel

When an organization outsources the acquisitions of the personnel, it helps to lay emphasis on dealing with the timelines of the project more efficiently. Also, it helps in the management of the quality and assignment of the task. Staff augmentation gives the resources in the form of humans to manage the projects and meet the deadline. 


The candidates employed by the self-augmentation firm are experts in their fields. Therefore, there is no need to train the candidates, and also, they will give work of high quality. Along with this, the candidates will understand the need and requirements of the work or project, and thus, it will benefit the organization in a number of ways.  

Project Outsourcing vs. Staff Augmentation

The outsourcing company acts as the ‘third-party’ and hire individuals to perform a given set of tasks for a particular organization. The organizations, which outsource their services, rely on the ‘third-party’ to get their work done. 

Outsourcing the project is like signing a contract with the candidates or the organization to get their work done. Moreover, the organizations can outsource a number of services or tasks such as services of information technology, which involves the development of the application, programming and technical assistance, services of human resources, functions related to finance and many other services. 

Outsourcing models


The organizations outsource their services as they believe that project outsourcing would cut down their expenses and improve the efficiency of the work. 

However, some companies do not outsource their services for gaining profit. Instead, they outsource their services as they are not able to employ in-house workers who have expertise in their skills and the experience needed to perform a particular task. 

On the other hand, staff augmentation is similar to project outsourcing with some advancements and some alterations. 

Staff augmentation is a strategy to outsource the project of the business and meet the objectives of the business. The strategy of staff augmentation offers assistance in the process of the task by providing skilled and certified workers on a temporary basis to fulfill the objectives of the task and meet the requirements of the business. 

The staff augmentation firm acts as a middleman or some mediator agencies which keep a record of the skilled workers and their experience and provide the workers to the business or organization when they are in need of it. 

The staff augmentation firm does all the backstage work of recruiting the candidates and hiring them. The organization or the business just needs to state requirements and the staff augmentation firm provides them skilled candidates suitable for the work of the organization. 

Staff augmentation is used by businesses and organizations and typically by the companies of information technologies. 

Although, the aim of the processes of project outsourcing and staff augmentation is to get the work of the organization done. However, the way in which they work and the quality of the services they provide differ from each other. It is believed that Staff augmentation technique is way better than Project outsourcing in a number of ways. 

Let’s take a look at the possible reason why staff augmentation is considered better than project outsourcing.

1. Command over the staff of the organization

Staff augmentation helps in managing the resources closely. This factor is lacking in project outsourcing because, in outsourcing, the outsourcer controls all the processes.

2. Integration with the processes of the organization

The organizations find it suitable to integrate the resources of staff augmentation with the processes of business instead of aligning the business process to external organizations or candidates. 

3. Acceptance by the staff of the organization

The candidates who are already working in the firm often find it easy and suitable to work with the model of staff augmentation when compared to project outsourcing. 

4. The changing needs of the staff

The process of staff augmentation hires candidates who are skilled in their particular fields. Hence, the method of staff augmentation is able to meet the changing requirements of the staff because of the expertise and experienced candidates. However, project outsourcing fails to provide staff with expertise. 

How Much Does Staff Augmentation Cost?

When an organization has a big task or project undone and the organization does not have a staff to get the work done or else, the staff, which the organization possesses, does not have the required skills to do the work. 

In such a case, the organization needs to go out in search of skilled candidates who will do their project on time. For hiring the right candidate ideal for the project, the organization needs to conduct a round of interviews, analyze the candidates, evaluate them, and come up with a bunch of selected candidates. The process does not end here. 

After a bunch of candidates have been selected, the organization needs to finalize a group of candidates who should be hired. It is such a long process, which consumes a lot of time. Apart from time, the lengthy procedure also demands a lot of finance for the procedures to be conducted.

On the other hand, the work becomes easy when the company employs some recruiters to hire the workers. The organization does not need to invest their time, but on the contrary, the organization needs to pay the recruiters for getting their work done. Along with this, a lot of money is invested in conducting the round of interviews. 

To get the candidates to know about the event of interviews taking place, the organization needs to post advertisements to make the aspiring candidates aware of the opportunity. Moreover, posting advertisements becomes a necessity when the organization has the burden of a looming task or project. All these processes, in addition, require a lot of finance. 

Instead of investing in all such procedures, which drain the finance of the organization, the organization can take the help of staff augmentation. The staff augmentation firm does all the work for you and thus, it saves a lot of costs. 

The staff augmentation work keeps a list of aspiring candidates who are experts in a particular field. Whenever the organization needs some helping hands, the staff augmentation firm provides the organization with a bunch of candidates who can get the work done. 

The organization does not need to spend money on conducting the round of interviews, hiring recruiters, or advertising.  

Furthermore, there are times, when the organization might need a helping hand to get the work done when they are falling short of staff. However, the organization would not need the extra staff all around the year.  

It would not be feasible for the company to hire workers on a permanent basis as the organization needs to pay the extra staff even if the extra staff does not have any more tasks to be accomplished for the remaining part of the year. 

For instance, the organization can take the assistance of staff augmentation. The staff augmentation provides candidates on a temporary basis (for example for one year). In addition, the organization can hire the candidates for the term of a particular project or task. 

Along with this, the company needs to train the newly employed workers, which also demands the expenditure of money. But, the candidates provided by the staff augmentation firm do not require any training as they possess skills and are specialized in their fields. The money, which was supposed to be spent on training, is saved. 

It might be concluded that staff augmentation saves money by eliminating several procedures from the business process. 

Some Examples Of Staff Augmentation Firms

There are several companies or firms, which provide the services of staff augmentation. Some of the staff augmentation companies are discussed below. 



Apphawks is a software testing company and renders the service of staff augmentation. The company provides QA Testers to overcome the testing challenges. 

The tester of Apphawks gets assigned to the full-time project and tackles the quality of the product and software.

The company offers long term relations and continued advancements in the software of the organization. Along with this, the client has full access or command on the team who is managing the task. The approach of the company is to benefit the company from a number of automated tests and increase the efficiency of the flow of work within the organization.

RNF Technologies

RNF Technologies are a developer of applications of web and mobile and also provide solutions for Information technology to the clients. It provides expertise solutions in E-commerce, Searches engine optimization, and SEM. Along with this; it assists in Android or iPhone development. Furthermore, RNF technologies provide DEV solutions, solutions of digital marketing, services of CAD, graphic designing, data entry, and promise the quality of the services. 

The outsourcing company, RNF technologies provide managed staff augmentation services and solutions to the business to carry their work smoothly and ensure quality in their work. 

The RNF technologies make sure that the organization does not need to pay costs for recruiting the workers, and on liabilities or taxes and render a team of professionals who deliver speedy and efficient work. 

The experts provided by RNF technologies study the requirements and demands of the business. The experts are trained to understand the working of the business, study the objectives of the business, and reach the goals of the business in no time. Along with this, the experts classify the requirements of the business and plan out an effective strategy to fulfill the objectives of the business. The RNF technologies provide a quick and speedy response to the clients and provide solutions for the development of the business.

Newfire Partners
newfire partners

Newfire Partners assist the organizations in bringing innovation and new tactics in the market place with the help of services of software development, staff augmentation. 

It also helps in initiating a start-up or business. It empowers a company to launch innovative ideas to help the company benefit. 

The company helps in transforming innovative ideas into products and increases the speed with which the company progresses. 

The candidates selected by NewFire go through a number of processes which are tough and challenging so that the company can get outstanding workers. Then, the team at NewFire partners is rigorously polished and technically skilled to manage the projects, which are challenging and set new records. 

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