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Web Application Testing Tools

Web Application with Selenium


The web applications that are involved in the activities of an enterprise requires thorough tests in terms of their developments and up-gradation.

Though web application testing tools such as Selenium IDE and HP QTP are very popular for automatic testing of the latest developments in the applications but due to the complexity in automated testing these tools may not be popular.

Basically, it is due to the feature of recording the action of the user when an app is navigated and then playing those actions each time an application has to be navigated.

Selenium is based on Javascript that supports various browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc. However, an application can be tested on multiple browsers if the HTML standards are used in a web application-testing framework.

If the user does not want to open a new window of a browser during application testing, the HTML unit browser can be used as it completely works in memory.

While using Selenium as a testing tool a web page is fetched by applying a URL on a browser after which the content is verified with few commands and if any of the given commands does not succeed, the test becomes a failure.

The interactions in a web application and performance validations, all are recorded in a log file and whenever this test ran a log serving as documentary evidence is generated which is sharable with the user.

Web Application Testing with Cucumber

Cucumber is an application-testing tool that is used by the programmers of a computer for testing other web applications and can be used with Selenium and other application testing tools.

It works on automatic acceptance which is based on the BDD framework i.e. Behaviour Driven Development Framework.

When cucumber runs, it fetches the data specifications from features and examines the list of steps using an automated framework and then run these steps against the system.

Cucumber tool supports the native JUnit which is an open cause unit testing framework for programming languages like Java.

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In cucumber tests, a feature file becomes a point of entry where a test is described in a descriptive language such as English.

To create a feature file right-click the directory in the project tool window where feature file is to be created than choose the new file from the target directory of the context menu and type in the dialogue box.

Various advantages of using cucumber tool are:

  • Cucumber testing tool helps in improving the communication between technical & non-technical members of a project
  • It is an efficient tool for web application testing
  • It focuses on end-user experience
  • It is helpful for business stakeholders to read code easily
  • Its writing test style allows trouble-free use of codes in other tests

Web Application Testing with Metasploit


A Metasploit tool is a tool that is meant for upgrading and executing an exploit code next to the distant focused machine.

A Metasploit framework is an application platform for upgrading, testing and executing its uses. Metasploit can also be used as a penetration testing system to create security testing tools.  WMAP is a tool that can perform in danger checks on web applications.

WMAP is a web application scanner which is been incorporated into the Metasploit framework in plugin form.

When the plugin is loaded in this framework, a new workspace creates after which a target URL is scanned. After the scanning of target URL WMAP modules is checked.

Web Application Testing with TestComplete

TestComplete is another web application testing tool that provides various solutions to automates tests for different web application devices by Smartbear Software.

Using TestComplete as a testing tool, test coverage can be increased which reduces the unnecessary steps in the testing process and a high-quality software can be obtained.

No other software-testing tool provides the reusable tests as the TestComplete provides. It also provides a faster delivery process using GUI tests.

It provides various features such as Test Visualizer, GUI testing, scripted testing, playback, and test recording, etc.

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