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Our Testing Plans

Fixed price

  • Clients are paying a fixed amount of money for a projects with a predefined scope of tasks
  • Perfect solution for short-term and long term-projects
  • All project requirements are specified beforehand
  • Clear deadline

Time & Material

  • Clients pay for the hours spent on the testing
  • Easy Start. Clients can start from a small budget
  • Great flexibility during the process of testing
  • No need to set up the final requirements
  • The customer can change the project scope, requirements or team size on the go to meet his business goals

Dedicated team

  • Clients get a QA team or QA Engineer that is only concerned with your project
  • The remote QA Egineer/s become full members of the client's team
  • The client manages the process and makes decisions on the project development
  • The QA team works on your project for a long time, so it has a full understanding of all project features
  • Perfect model for clients who wants develop a complex product rather than a simple tool

Not sure which plan is the best for you? Are you looking for more flexible approach? Or maybe you need tailored plan just for you? We understand that. Let’s have a technical conversation about your project before you make a decision.

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