Why Automation Testing?

Work smart rather than working hard. Create better websites, applications, or software by putting in fewer effort and in less time with automated tests.

  • Better Test Coverage
  • Reduced time to market
  • Reduced costs
  • Broad Scope
  • Seamless integration
Our Role

No need to check the complex code or create test cases. It is all burden. Tools we render do all your work in a few minutes. We are here to perform tests automatically.

We housed experts to test your application automatically through quick Body & Team Leasing or Project-Based Outsourcing.

Outsource Automation Testing

Testing Types We Automate

We here at Apphawks are not your average automation testing company; we are leaders in our field, offering both top-notch QA Automation and QA Testing Services. Our highly talented Automation Engineers can design testing strategies and testing solutions for every imaginable project built on a solid DevOps core philosophy of integrating as many automated tests into the QA process.

When you specify your expectations and scope, we’ll offer you the right approach.

Regression testing
Functional Testing
UI Testing
Compatibility Testing
Integration testing
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Types Of Automation Testing
Unique And Bespoke

Automation Web Testing Services

We here at Apphawks can help you with designing comprehensive automated testing strategies as we pride ourselves in offering our clients the best, most thorough, and most secure testing of your web app or site. From the very first contact, our team will analyze your testing and automation needs and will be able to work well within your organization’s time schedule and budget.

How We Work

QA Outsourcing Models

Dedicated Team Model

We offer a team of dedicated QA Engineers with the aim of providing quality work for projects and deadlines without an unbiased perspective.

Staff Augmentation

We deliver contracted QA Specialists by supplementing your company’s lack of human resources.

Project-Based Outsourcing

Apphawks will take a large bulk of the work off your hands and be accountable for the entire project, from start to finish.

Tactical Consultancy

Apphawks carries out an all-inclusive health assessment of your company’s existing QA operations and provides resourceful advice on how they can enhance software testing capabilities.

Cross-Device Automation Testing

IOS & Android Testing

There are tons of devices your Android app must be compatible with. Emulators are not sufficient for your mobile testing.
You must test your app on real devices. We recommend Continuous Integration to run tests every time the code is changed.

iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system on the market.
Our iOS application testing includes automation testing in form of regression testing, compatibility testing, performance testing or API Testing.

Bespoke QA Services

  • Test coverage 100%
  • Protection of confidential data
  • Full bug reports
  • Hourly reports
  • Agile Methodology
  • Transparent process
  • Tailored solutions

Our Automation Testing Toolbox

  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • Postman
  • Cucumber
  • Cypress
  • TestCafe
  • CircleCI
The Best Automated Testing Principles

True ROI Of Test Automation

Time is money, as the saying goes, and, invariably, wasted time is just wasted money. This is why our Quality Assurance Testing Team spends every minute planning, preparing and honing your testing strategy for the deployment of your web application or web site. This will ensure the minimization of all risks as well as maximizing the efficiency of our suite of automated testing services.

In today’s fast-paced DevOps world of shorter and shorter deployment times to market, quality assurance cannot be compromised. That is why our test automation strategies are built upon years of experience implementing a wide range of software testing services including, but not limited to, leveraging the most hi-tech test automation frameworks that are custom designed to meet the varying needs of our clients.

Our goal here at Apphawks is to give our clients the widest and most thorough test coverage for their app or site at the most affordable cost.

And, of course, we are a testing company that has and will continue to embrace and implement the latest, greatest testing tools and practices toward more test automation. It requires a little more budget and time to set up, but will reap rewards later on in the testing process as testing automation greatly reduces costs and manpower hours.

For optimal test coverage, we not only test for the usual mix of functionality, usability, performance, but we also design our testing strategies from the ground up: non-functional testing, continuous testing as well as continuous integration. This is to ensure your app or site is not only performing excellently but is also evolving in usability and functionality, and, of course, ensure your users and customers remain loyal to its continued use.

We at Apphawks have implemented a DevOps strategy with all of our QA testing processes where test automation is already built into the development process, working together, like hand and glove. Our highly skilled QA testers work hand in hand with developers at every stage in the test-driven development process so automated testing becomes a significant priority in our automated software testing process.

Offering the best test automation solutions is what we are all about.

Our app testing solutions use the best testing tools and test automation frameworks currently available on the market and they leverage the power and experience of countless past test cases to ensure the smoothest automated software testing as well as to maintain time and cost efficiency.

Every defect allowed to slip past the automated testing service net and released into the production environment could prove catastrophic for a company, not only calculated as a loss of income and revenue at any given moment, but potentially more damaging, it could result in a loss of consumer confidence and loyalty and, ultimately, their trust.

If your firm enlists our automated testing services, we here at Apphawks will work diligently to ensure this will never happen.

Top-Notch Automation Testing Services

Reliable Automated Testing Strategies

We employ the latest app testing, automation tools, and testing automation frameworks by urging our manual testers to engineer more and more sophisticated and reliable automated software testing strategies. As the app is developed along the development pipeline, automated test scripts are designed together with the developer to minimize the chances of errors later on in the process. As the app is updated or patched throughout the course of its lifecycle, regression testing is done to ensure all past functionalities continue to perform optimally while new features or enhancements are made by re-running the same battery of tests.

As mentioned above, these continuous testing practices through each and every stage of the automated testing process have become integral to app development and app testing and we here at Apphawks take a special interest in establishing a continuity of not only rigorous testing standards but also adding more and more automated tests that eventually become more and more accurate.

Developing your web app or site in a collaboration with a team like ours here at Apphawks is your best ticket to a smooth development process. We do cross-browser testing across all of the myriad of platforms and operating systems such as all the countless flavors of Google’s Android OS as well as Apple’s iOS and iPad OS as well as increasingly other mobile platforms of the future which will probably be built with Linux.

For us, deploying a battery of QA tests to maximize test coverage and automated test coverage just saves invaluable amounts of time allowing us to test and release software more quickly, more reliably and significantly lowering the risk of defects being discovered later in the development process.

Not only are errors and limitations in functionality and usability detected dramatically earlier in a software’s lifecycle but we also believe automated software testing is the wave of the future, reducing the workload of manual QA testers who already have their plates full of other tasks like writing test cases and who are working closely with the development teams.

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